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Alcohol Rehab Yorkshire

The main problem with finding alcohol rehab in East Yorkshire is that there are only centres available in Hull. If you live somewhere like Bridlington – towards the north of the county – you might have options closer to you in North Yorkshire. However, your main priority should be the treatments you or your loved one will require as opposed to the location of the centre. Some of the centres for alcohol rehab in East Yorkshire employ a specific therapeutic model, so it can help to learn a little about each before you make your decision.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres  in Hull, Yorkshire

There are four centres available for alcohol rehab in Hull, although the majority are operated by the same group. One of the other centres can help drinkers aged 16 or over and it primarily treats through structured counselling. This is required for virtually all alcoholics, and it is designed to address the underlying issues which often lead to addiction. This centre uses the psychosocial model for its treatment, and both one to one and group counselling is available. They also offer advice on anything related to addiction and recovery, and provide education on site or through an external agency. The centre also offers harm reduction facilities, which aim to make continued drinking as safe as possible. They also have aftercare for those who’ve already been through treatment.

The other independent alcohol rehab in Hull specialises in helping under 19s. It’s an outreach service, aiming to treat drinkers in their local areas. They offer both psychological and physical assistance, so they can help most young drinkers get sober safely. Outpatient detoxification is provided with the help of a local GP, and they also have harm reduction facilities. Counselling is available at this centre, which employs the psychosocial model. Drinkers who also have a co-existing psychological condition can be helped at this centre, and they can refer those who need it on to residential facilities.

The remainder of the centres for alcohol rehab in Hull are operated by the same group. There are four services in total, but two of them are not open to alcoholics. One of the two centres specialises in helping drinkers aged 16 or over who’ve received a community sentence and are on probation. They liaise with the authorities and assess each drinker to determine how best to help them. The other service open to alcoholics is the outreach service, which uses the harm reduction philosophy. Instead of forcing abstinence, they offer practical advice on things like drink-spiking and do their best to reduce the risks associated with drinking. Advice is the main service, and they encourage drinkers to access additional treatment. Only over 18s can be helped by the outreach team.

The decision you make regarding an alcohol rehab in East Yorkshire directly affects you or your loved one’s chances of getting sober. It’s helpful to have professional help with the choice because it can be hard to determine your requirements. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres in the area, and we can help you make the right choice. We’ll answer any questions you have about treatment, and can explain the different therapeutic models to you in plain English. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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