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Alcohol Rehab County Antrim

The different centres offering alcohol rehab in County Antrim are located in Belfast and Carrickfergus, with the majority found in Belfast. Before you make a decision regarding a specific centre you need to make sure the services it provides match up to your requirements. Most drinkers will only need structured counselling, but in more severe cases medical assistance with withdrawal is required. Think carefully about the different options available to you and don’t just choose a centre because it’s convenient to attend. Learning about the different approaches to treating addiction also helps you choose the right alcohol rehab in County Antrim.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Belfast, County Antrim

There are numerous options available for alcohol rehab in Belfast. One of the centres offers residential treatment, which provides 24-hour support to drinkers to help them stay sober. This is especially useful for those who’ve tried to beat addiction previously and relapsed, or for extreme cases. They use psycho-social approaches with a relational model for treatment, but mainly try to create a positive atmosphere in which drinkers can address their own problems. The main programme lasts six weeks and uses individual counselling, group therapy, peer support and complementary therapies for treatment. They also have an aftercare service and offer general advice and information.

One of the options for alcohol rehab in Belfast is a centre which employs the 12 step approach to treatment. Treatment is conducted through group counselling sessions, in which drinkers work through the 12 steps to sobriety together. The group has a Christian background, but no spiritual commitments are required from those who attend treatment. They do impose an abstinence-based, “disease” model of addiction, however.

The remainder of the centres which offer alcohol rehab in Belfast mainly treat through structured counselling. This addresses the root causes of addiction to give the individual the psychological tools they need to remove their reliance on alcohol. Two of the counselling centres offer help with a wide variety of issues, including addiction and other commonly related problems such as stress and depression.

The last centre for alcohol rehab in Belfast also focuses on counselling, but employs the cognitive behavioural therapy model. This focuses on the associations which drive the individual to drink and breaks down any negative thought patterns. The therapy has been shown to be very effective in cases of addiction, and they have around 30 counsellors on staff to provide treatment. They also help with a wide range of issues, so they’ll address things like self esteem and anger management which often contribute to or lead to addiction. One to one counselling is more common, but there are also group sessions available at this centre.

Alcohol Rehab in Carrickfergus, County Antrim

Only one centre provides alcohol rehab in Carrickfergus, and it offers psychological treatments. Advice, information and general support are provided, and they aim to raise awareness of the harm caused by the misuse of alcohol and other drugs. Complementary therapies such as reflexology and massages are available, and they also have a special project dedicated to helping young people. This centre does offer a counselling service, so drinkers can usually receive the care they need.

The main issue with finding alcohol rehab in County Antrim is that most of the centres don’t offer medical assistance during withdrawal. This makes things more difficult in severe cases, but isn’t an issue for most drinkers. If you’re having trouble working out which centre is right for your needs or are unsure about your requirements, get in touch with us for some professional advice. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the centres available all across the country, and we can suggest the best options for your circumstances. Our advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and see how we can help you!

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