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Alcohol Rehab Bedfordshire

Alcohol Rehab Bedfordshire comes in many forms but learning how to find the perfect option is likely to make all the difference between recovery or relapse. Dear Albert provides a counselling support service which will enable you to consider the options available to you and guide you on your way to achieving them. We access a range of both private and statutory services and assist with specialist drug and alcohol training to support our clients and their families along the road to recovery.

There are many options to choose from, both near and far,  and in times of crisis /Alcohol Rehab Bedfordshire alcoholic fog how do you know where to start? Different centres can employ specific therapeutic models and offer unique collections of services, so they’re not all suitable for everybody, different personalities respond differently to varied approaches. You would be well advised learn about the various therapeutic models before you make a decision. You would also do well to understand the centres’ approach to treatment and make sure it’s going to be the right match.

Treatment centres for alcohol problems in Bedfordshire are mainly located in Bedford and Luton, though there are some private residential centres dotted around the suburbs.

Alcohol Rehab Bedfordshire – Luton

There are also four centres which provide alcohol rehab in Luton. One of these centres primarily advises on a drop-in basis. They also offer harm reduction services, and aftercare is available to help alcoholics settle back into society. Drinkers over the age of 18 are welcome at this centre. Another centre offers a more comprehensive range of treatments. They have counselling and aftercare to help with the psychological elements of addiction and provide both inpatient and outpatient detoxification for the physical symptoms. Anybody is welcome at this centre. However, if you have already pursued the NHS route, you might be ready to think about a  residential centre.

There are two options for rehab in Luton which can offer residential treatment.  One of these centres uses a 1, 3 and six-month, structured residential programme which incorporates both one to one and group counselling, while the other operates a more tailored approach. Users are encouraged to work through their personal issues and rebuild their lives without the crutch of alcohol. They also provide second and third phase treatments, which give residents more independence and help them prepare for reintegration into society. There are many options from single ensuite rooms to shared. Traditionally people want their privacy but owning to the fact that alcoholism is a problem which causes isolation a shared room may be better.

The in-patient residential centres use both the 12 step model and CBT models of addiction treatment. One is a quasi-residential centre while the other is entirely residential. They offer sober living facilities, but treatment consists of group counselling sessions, back to work skills training and IT training on a day programme basis. The centre can also offer inpatient detoxification to help users through withdrawal. Their aim is to restore the individual’s dignity,  self-esteem, coping ability and help them back to a life of meaning.

Finding treatment services can be an incredibly overwhelming task, encumbered with long waiting lists, pushy sales people, eligibility criteria, detox needs, etc. it can be a stressful minefield, to say the least!  If you’re having trouble choosing a treatment centre in Bedfordshire, we provide a free clinical assessment to help you ascertain your needs and enable YOU to make a decision that’s going to be right for you. There’s a great deal that goes into choosing the right program; it goes way beyond accommodation, location and cost.  We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres available in the area, who is best suited to what and can help guide you according to your particular circumstances. If you have any questions about the different treatments or therapeutic models, we’ll be happy to answer them. Our service is completely free, so pick up the phone, and we can help you every step of the way.

Rehabilitation Services in Bedford

There are four centres in total offering rehabilitation services in Bedford. A couple of the centres primarily offer advice, to help drinkers make a change in their lives and understand the risks of alcohol abuse. One of the information centres works on harm reduction principles. They don’t force alcoholics into abstinence but provide advice on reducing the risks associated with drinking (such as information on safe sex) and help people who do decide to change overcome addiction. They can help anybody aged over 16 and their loved ones. The other advice-based centre specialises in helping the homeless and offers advice to help over 16s control their drinking, as well as meals, warm shelter and courses to develop skills. They can also refer to other services as required.

Another option for treatment in Bedford is a centre which only provides psychological therapies. They have structured counselling available, which helps to address the underlying issues which drive people to alcohol. The centre employs the motivational interviewing model and also offers life skills sessions and anger management group sessions. They provide a day programme, which lasts for eight weeks with twice-weekly support groups, and there are aftercare sessions once a week. Alcoholics over the age of 18 are welcome at this centre.

The last centre providing treatment in Bedford is a more comprehensive service. They start treatment with a thorough needs assessment and then devise an individualised care plan. Care Plans can incorporate structured counselling, group sessions and individual key work, as well as medical treatment. They work with GPs to provide withdrawal management medications locally and can also offer medically supervised inpatient detoxification. Anybody aged over 16 and their loved ones are welcome at this centre.

We recommend Therapist Ltd in Luton for one to one counselling, which can be useful in raising motivation for treatment and continuing with recovery post-rehab. If you would like additional information about the private or NHS based treatment options in Bedfordshire call Jon our specialist alcohol counsellor in confidence. He is fully qualified, registered with the BACP and 100% dedicated to helping people and families with their recovery related goals.

Contact us today on 0800 880 3153. Local Offices: 110 The Great Marlings. Luton. LU2 9DS

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