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Alcohol Rehab Berkshire

Learning about the different options available to you is an important point of choosing a facility for alcohol rehab Berkshire. There are several different centres located in the county – in Reading, Newbury, Slough and Wokingham. Every centre has a unique collection of services, and can employ one of many therapeutic models. It helps if you learn a little about the different therapeutic models before you choose an alcohol rehab in Berkshire.

Alcoholism Rehabilitation  in Newbury, Berkshire

There are three different options for alcoholism rehabilitaion in Newbury. One of these centres specialises in helping young people (under 18s) and their families. They provide structured counselling – which is required for almost all alcoholics – to tackle the underlying issues which drove the individual to addiction. Another centre offering alcohol treatment in Newbury helps over 18s, providing one-to-one support and a structured day programme to address the psychological aspects of addiction. They also have harm reduction services, which are designed to address the dangers associated with continued drinking. Aftercare is also available for recovering alcoholics.

The other centre which provides alcohol rehab in Newbury offers detoxification and residential treatment conducted in Thailand. This takes place at a monastery, and uses herbal treatments to assist users through detoxification. The treatment has a Buddhist perspective. Alcoholics of any age are welcome to attend treatment, and they also provide general advice at the centre.

Alcohol Treatment Centres in Reading, Berkshire

There are six centres which provide alcohol treatment in Reading. One of these is another branch of the last centre in Newbury, which sends users to Thailand for herbal detoxification and residential treatment. They also work with other agencies to provide day programs, other residential care, harm reduction services and outpatient detoxification with the help of a GP. Any users over the age of 16 are eligible for treatment at this centre.

A couple of the facilities for alcohol rehab in Reading specialise in one type of treatment. One centre is wholly residential, and helps men aged between 20 and 40 by offering on-site counselling, group sessions and a work programme. They offer treatment from a Christian perspective. They can also provide aftercare to help recovering alcoholics settle back into society. The other specialist centre only provides a structured day programme to over 18s, which lasts 12 weeks in total.

Two of the centres provide harm reduction services, with one focusing on users aged 18 or under and the other on those aged 16 or over. The young people’s centre can also arrange outpatient detoxification and offer structured counselling. The other harm reduction alcohol rehab in Reading also offers counselling, using the brief intervention framework and based on the bio-psychosocial model. They also address life skills, relapse prevention and general health awareness.

The final centre for alcohol rehabilitation in Reading provides a wider range of services. They offer inpatient and outpatient detoxification, counselling and general advice to help with the psychological strains of addiction. They start treatment with a thorough needs assessment to determine the treatments each person requires. Anybody is welcome for treatment at this centre.

Alcohol Services in Slough, Berkshire

There are two centres providing alcohol services in Slough. One of these helps alcoholics of any age, and offers structured counselling, advice, harm reduction services and outpatient detoxification. This provides both physical and psychological treatments, making it suitable for almost all cases of alcoholism. The other centre provides a comparable array of treatments to under 19s. They offer all the same treatments, but also have structured day programs, aftercare and complementary therapies. It’s an open-access service, and they also offer accredited training programs to help recovering alcoholics back into work.

Alcohol Counselling Wokingham, Berkshire

The only option for alcohol rehabilitation in Wokingham is dedicated to providing counselling. They prioritise young people aged under 25, but anybody is welcome for treatment at the centre. General advice is also available, and they have links with other agencies that can provide further help. You don’t need a special referral to attend treatment at this centre.

If you’re having trouble determining the best option for alcohol treatments, services or centres in Berkshire, we provide free advice that can help you reach the right decision. We’ll listen to your requirements, and suggest the best options for your specific circumstances. We can explain the different treatments and therapeutic models to you in plain English, and answer any other questions you might have. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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