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Alcohol Rehab Bridgend

There is only one option for alcohol rehab in Bridgend, and it’s located in Bridgend itself. It’s important to remember that it’s worth travelling to a neighbouring county if the one centre doesn’t have the treatments you’ll need. Generally speaking, alcoholics all need counselling, and heavier drinkers will need some medical assistance with withdrawal. It’s difficult to assess your own or your loved one’s problem objectively, but you should do your best to be honest with yourself. Look at the services offered by the alcohol rehab in Bridgend to make the right decision.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Bridgend

The alcohol rehab in Bridgend is a relatively low-level service. They offer structured counselling as their primary treatment, which works with drinkers to determine the underlying issues which drive them to drink. They’ll be taught new coping mechanisms, helped to work through unresolved problems and negative thought patterns will be identified and broken down. Harm reduction services – which are designed to minimise the risks associated with continued drinking – are also available at this centre. There are no age restrictions on treatment, and they also have a special course on drink-driving. Help is also available for the loved ones of drinkers.

Making the right decision for alcohol rehab in Bridgend isn’t easy. The main people who will have difficulty are those who’ll need medical help with withdrawal, because the only centre doesn’t provide it. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different centres available across the country and can suggest the best options for your circumstances. We provide free advice to help you choose the right centre, and can also provide telephone counselling for a small fee. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you!

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