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Alcohol Rehab Cheshire

Learning about the different centres offering alcohol rehab Cheshire is important if you or a loved one is looking for treatment in the area. There are centres located Chester, Ellesmere Port, Macclesfield, Tranmere and Warrington. You should learn a little about the different therapeutic models used to treat addiction, because different centres can employ specific ones in their treatment. They also have different collections of services, so think about which ones you’re likely to need when you’re choosing an alcohol treatment program in Cheshire.

Alcoholism Rehabilitaion Warrington, Cheshire

The alcoholism rehabilitation centre in Warrington treats drinkers using a combination of outpatient detoxification and structured counselling. They provide crisis interventions if someone’s drinking is getting completely out of control, and also support children of alcoholic parents. There is also a special service for women, and the centre can offer IT training to help people back into work. They can also refer anybody who needs it on for further treatment.

If you’re having trouble making a decision regarding alcohol treatment in Cheshire, we can help you make the right choice. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres available in the local area, and can suggest the best options for your circumstances. The decision you make regarding a specific centre has a direct effect on the likelihood of you or your loved one getting clean, so some additional help is advised. Our service is completely free, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch.

Alcohol Treatment Centres Chester, Cheshire

There is only one centre offering alcohol treatment in Chester, and they specialise in providing residential care. Residential care is good for severe cases of alcoholism, and provides 24-hour support and a positive environment to help people get sober. You don’t need a specialist referral to attend treatment at this centre, and anybody over the age of 18 is welcome.

Clinics in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

Two different clinics have services for recovery in Ellesmere Port, but one only helps the loved ones of substance abusers. The first centre provides a wide range of services, but primarily treats through structured counselling. This is used to tackle the underlying issues which often contribute to alcoholism. The centre has special group sessions dedicated to relapse prevention, anxiety and stress management, health education and abstinence. They can also refer alcoholics to additional services as required, including to inpatient and outpatient medical detoxification. Anybody over the age of 18 is welcome to treatment at this centre.

The other clinic offering inpatient treatment in Ellesmere Port is dedicated to helping the loved ones of substance abusers. They provide advice and general support to help people deal with the stresses and strains often caused by a loved one’s addiction. There aren’t any age restrictions on this service.

Recovery in Macclesfield, Cheshire

There is only one option for recovery in Macclesfield, and it primarily helps drug users. They can work with GPs to provide withdrawal management medications in the local area, and they also have harm reduction services. Alternative therapies are available at the centre, and they can also offer aftercare to those who’ve already been through treatment. They have a structured day programme to help users achieve sobriety, which uses a combination of therapies to address the individual’s underlying issues. There is a specialist service for under 19s, but most of their clients are over 16.

Rehab in Tranmere, Cheshire

The only  rehab in Tranmere also primarily focuses on drug users. They do have structured counselling and outpatient detoxification available at this centre, which can help alcoholics get clean and avoid relapse. The centre has harm reduction services, and can provide general advice and information. Under 19s and pregnant women are prioritised, but anybody is welcome to treatment at this centre.

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