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Alcohol Rehab Derbyshire

There are several different factors to consider before you can choose an alcohol rehab in Derbyshire. The main issue is that there are only three different centres in the area, located in Derby and Chesterfield, so you may have to travel for treatment. We do offer telephone counselling for a small fee, which is suitable treatment for many cases of alcoholism. Some of the centres providing alcohol rehab in Derbyshire do have physical treatments, however, which are required for heavier drinkers. To help you make a decision, you should get a general understanding of your needs and learn a bit about the different approaches to treatment.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programmes in Derby, Derbyshire

There are two different centres which provide alcohol rehab in Derby, and although they’re operated by the same group they provide different services. One of them has specialist services for under 18s, which have a general focus on helping them get into employment or training. They offer training both on-site and in the community, and also have a volunteer scheme. Treatment for adults starts with a full needs assessment, and then services are offered based on the individual’s requirements. They provide structured counselling, and also have six GPs on-site to prescribe withdrawal management medication. The centre also offers structured day programmes, which combine individual counselling with groups dedicated to alcohol, relapse prevention and personal development. Adults can also get IT skills training and access harm reduction services.

The other alcohol rehab in Derby only takes users over the age of 18, but provides comparable services. They also offer counselling and day programmes, but work with local GPs to provide withdrawal medicines instead of having facilities on-site. Harm reduction services such as free condoms and advice on safe sex are available, and they also work on an outreach basis. Users aren’t forced into abstinence, but those who choose to are helped to reduce or completely stop their drinking. Like the other centre, they conduct a full needs assessment on each patient, and can refer those requiring additional services onwards

Alcohol Treatment Centres Chesterfield, Derbyshire

The only alcohol rehab in Chesterfield is a specialist service for young people aged 18 or under. They use a consultant child psychiatrist to offer prescribing services for withdrawal management, and can also offer advice on harm reduction. Counselling is the primary form of treatment used by this centre, which is vital in essentially all cases of alcoholism because there are always underlying issues which drive people to drink. You don’t need a special referral to attend treatment at this centre, although you do have to be from Chesterfield or northern Derbyshire.

Choosing the best alcohol rehab in Derbyshire isn’t easy. There are only a few options, and one of the centres only takes young people. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres in the area and across the country, and can suggest the best options for your circumstances. We know that you’re going through a difficult time, and we aim to give you all of the information you need to make the right decision. We’ll answer any questions you have about treatment, and can explain the therapeutic models to you in plain English. Our service is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in contact. We’re here to help you.

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