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Alcohol Rehab Devon

Alcohol may be the most socially acceptable drug, but in terms of treatment alcoholism is the same as any other addiction. You or your loved one require treatment because people struggling with addiction need to address deep-seated psychological issues and can require medical intervention for safe withdrawal. There are several options for alcohol rehab in Devon, located in Bideford, Barnstaple, Crediton, Exeter, Okehampton and Plymouth. Each has a specific set of treatments and can employ one of many therapeutic models, so it helps to do some reading before you make a decision.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centres Barnstaple, Devon

There is only one centre offering alcohol rehab in Barnstaple, and it is a specialist young persons’ service catering to under 19s. They provide structured counselling as psychological help, with a harm reduction approach. Their primary concern is minimising the risks associated with continued drinking, but they help alcoholics if they want to reduce or stop their drinking altogether. They also provide general advice and information, as well as aftercare to help those in recovery reintegrate into society. They liaise with GPs to provide withdrawal management medications on an outpatient basis to address the physical side to addiction.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Clinics in Bideford, Devon

The alcohol rehab in Bideford only provides psychological treatments. They have structured counselling and day programmes, which make use of both one to one and group counselling sessions. They believe a combination of active therapy, group therapy and individual counselling is the most effective way to help people stay sober. This centre also has residential facilities available, and can provide aftercare. You have to be over 18 to attend treatment at this centre.

Alcohol Counselling Services Crediton, Devon

There is a residential alcohol rehabilitation facility in Crediton, and it takes both men and women over the age of 18. The programme lasts three to six months, and is abstinence-based. It includes both one to one and group counselling, and clients also benefit from the community living aspect of the programme. Residential rehab provides alcoholics with 24 hour support, a positive environment and peer support to help them get clean. The counselling at this centre addresses emotional needs, attitudes and beliefs, and incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy.

Alcohol Programmes in Exeter, Devon

There are two centres which provide alcohol rehab in Exeter, and one of these focuses on adults and the other on younger drinkers. The adult centre (over 18s) specifically treats alcoholics, and offers structured counselling as treatment. Advice and information about drinking is also available. The centre focusing on younger drinkers (between 11 and 18 years of age) also treats through counselling and offers advice and information. This centre is also happy to help the loved ones of young alcoholics, and can offer its services in more convenient locations in some cases.

Alcohol Recovery in Okehampton, Devon

There is only one centre providing alcohol rehab in Okehampton, and it is a primarily residential facility. They take anybody over the age of 16, as long as they don’t bring pets with them and aren’t sex offenders. Spouses and children are welcome to stay at the centre during treatment. People who attend the centre have to be committed to abstinence, and if they aren’t already clean they have facilities for detoxification on site. The centre is situated on a farm, and along with structured counselling, the day programme uses cathartic work and teaches useful skills. The aim is to get clients to show respect for themselves, others and people’s property. The staff of the centre is Christian, but nobody is forced into spiritual commitment.


Alcohol Rehab in Plymouth, Devon


There are three services in total offering alcohol rehab in Plymouth. One of these centres offers a comprehensive range of treatments, including structured counselling, advice, day programmes, inpatient and outpatient detoxification, residential treatment and aftercare. These services are available to drinkers of any age, and you don’t need a special referral to attend treatment. Another centre primarily helps young people (aged 18 and under) through structured counselling and day programmes, which focus on life skills, education and health issues.

The final service for alcohol rehab in Plymouth is actually split into two distinct sections. One of the sections incorporates three residential facilities; one for six week treatment (with no gender restrictions) and separate centres for men and women needing six month treatment. Anybody over the age of 16 is welcome at these centres. They use counselling and structured day programmes to help residents, and inpatient detoxification is also available. The other part of their service is dedicated to aftercare, where they address issues such as relapse prevention and life skills. Recovering alcoholics are helped to find work or training, and they have a resettlement service. The core residential programme can also be taken as a day programme.

Making a decision regarding alcohol rehab in Devon is extremely difficult because of the amount of options available to you. If you’re having trouble choosing, think about which centres address your treatment needs, and then try to determine which approach is preferable. We can help you reach the right decision, and have a detailed knowledge of the different centres in the area. We can answer any questions you might have about treatment, and will explain everything to you in plain English. Our service is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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