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Alcohol Rehab Dundee

The centres offering alcohol rehab in the City of Dundee region are mainly found in central Dundee. It’s important to find out about the different services each one offers, and if they use a specific therapeutic model for treatment. When you make your decision, you need to consider you or your loved one’s needs carefully. If you are likely to need some assistance with detoxification, it’s important to ensure that the centre you choose can provide it. Learning about the therapeutic models helps you determine the general philosophy underpinning the treatment.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Counselling Centres Dundee

There are four centres in total which offer alcohol rehab in Dundee, and the majority use the harm reduction approach. They basically believe that abstinence should neither be forced nor presumed to be the goal of treatment, and focus on reducing the risks of continued drinking as much as possible. One of the harm reduction services in the area operates on an outreach basis to help families affected by alcoholism. They’ll help anybody regardless of age and whether or not they’re the drinker in the household.

Another harm reduction alcohol rehab in Dundee also works with drinkers of any age, but not through outreach. As well as harm reduction services such as advice on safer drinking and sexual health, they also offer structured counselling. This helps to tackle the underlying causes of addiction, and teaches drinkers new coping mechanisms to remove the need for alcohol in their lives. General advice is also available at this centre, and they have a specialist service for young people to address their unique needs.

The last harm reduction centre also offers counselling to drinkers of any age, but has a focus on reducing the transmission of blood-borne viruses. This means that it is geared towards drug users, but services it offers like counselling, free condoms, pregnancy testing and complementary therapies are suitable for alcoholics. This alcohol rehab in Dundee also provides education and training, and will refer drinkers who need further treatment onwards. An outreach service is available in Perth and Kinross, and Angus.

The final alcohol rehab in Dundee helps any drinkers aged between 16 and 65 through structured counselling. They believe in person-centred treatment, and don’t put any time limits on their care. If any drinkers need further treatment, they can refer them onwards to suitable centres. This rehab also has services dedicated to helping carers, and can serve as an intermediary for their support group. General advice and information relating to alcohol is also available at this centre.

Choosing the right centre for alcohol rehab in the City of Dundee isn’t easy. The centres are almost all harm reduction services, and none offer medical treatment for withdrawal. If you’re struggling to determine the best option for your circumstances, we provide free advice which can help you make the right decision. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different facilities across the country, and we’ll suggest the most suitable options to you. We can answer any questions you have about treatment, and will happily explain the different therapeutic models to you. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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