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Alcohol Rehab East Sussex

There are a lot of things to consider before you choose an alcohol rehab in East Sussex. Not all cases of alcoholism are the same, so you have to ensure that the centre you choose is suitable for your needs. The different facilities in the area all offer specific services and can employ one of many therapeutic models, so you need consider your requirements before you make a decision. It’s also useful to learn about the various approaches to treating addiction. There are centres available in Brighton, Hove, Eastbourne, Hastings and Uckfield.

Rehab Clinics for Alcoholism in Brighton, East Sussex

Three centres in total provide alcohol rehab in Brighton. One of the centres specialises in helping women and their children with issues related to substance abuse. Treatment is mainly conducted through structured day programmes, which consist of group counselling, individual keywork, activities, social events and complementary therapies. The centre has a specialist service for sex workers and a crèche for children under the age of five. There’s also a dedicated service for under 19s, but drinkers of any age are welcome.

The other two centres offering alcohol rehab in Brighton are also fairly specialised. One of the other options is an acupuncture service, which is designed to help anyone aged over 16 with withdrawal. They also offer general advice at this centre. The final option is a residential centre which uses the 12 step approach to treatment. They use one to one and group counselling sessions to help drinkers address their issues and work through the 12 steps to recovery.

Alcoholism Treatment Centres in Eastbourne, East Sussex

There is only one centre which provides alcohol rehab in Eastbourne, and it only has psychological treatments. It offers structured counselling, which helps alcoholics identify the underlying factors which drove them to drink and teaches them new coping mechanisms to help them avoid relapse. The service is available to anyone aged over 18, and you don’t need a specialist referral to attend. They also provide general advice on alcohol-related issues.

Alcohol Rehabs, East Sussex

The alcohol rehab in Hastings primarily offers help through structured counselling. They also have day programmes available, which combine counselling with different activities to help people get sober. They can offer prescriptions for withdrawal management medicines at this centre, for outpatient detoxification. Drinkers over the age of 18 and their loved ones can receive help at the centre.

Alcohol Counselling in Hove, East Sussex

If you’re looking for alcohol rehab in Hove, the only centre available has both physical and psychological treatments, so it can help most alcoholics. They offer residential rehabilitation, which uses a structured day programme as the main treatment. The centre also has facilities for inpatient detoxification, which is supervised by medical staff to ensure safe withdrawal. Abstinence is the goal of treatment at this centre, and they encourage people to make positive changes in their life. They’ll help anyone over the age of 18 and have special services for the homeless.

Alcohol Rehab in Uckfield, East Sussex

The only centre offering alcohol rehab in Uckfield is a residential centre which uses the 12 step approach to treatment. They treat alcoholics over the age of 18 primarily through structured counselling, both one to one and group. There is a special focus on life skills, stress management and anger management, and residents can also get an IT qualification to help them find work. The maximum stay at this centre is one year.

Making a decision regarding a specific alcohol rehab in East Sussex can be difficult. Choosing the right centre makes it more likely that you or your loved one will achieve lasting sobriety, so getting some help with the decision is advised. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different options for treatment in the area, and can suggest the best centres for your specific circumstances. We know you’re going through a difficult time, and we’re here to help you. Our advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and get in touch!

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