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Alcohol Rehab Essex

Researching the different options available to you, learning about the various services they provide and reading about the different therapeutic models helps you make the right decision for alcohol rehab in Essex. The centres all have specific collections of services and can also employ one specific model for treatment. Because of this, you can’t just attend any centre in your local area; you have to make sure you or your loved one will be getting the treatment you need. There are centres available in Chelmsford, Colchester, Grays, Harlow, Pitsea and Westcliff on Sea.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment Chelmsford, Essex

There are three different centres which provide alcohol rehab in Chelmsford, and all of them have fairly specialised functions. One provides a residential programme which starts with inpatient detoxification and then moves onto psychological treatment, through day programmes and structured counselling. Counselling is vital for almost all alcoholics, because it addresses the underlying psychological issues which drove them to drink. Another specialised centre only offers counselling, and can also help with issues commonly related to drinking, such as stress. Both of these centres only takes alcoholics aged 18 or over.

The final option for alcohol rehab in Chelmsford is only for alcoholics aged 18 or under. They start treatment with a needs assessment, and then offer services or refer people onwards to other centres as required. They offer structured counselling and day programmes on site, and also have an outreach programme. Aftercare is also available at this centre to help those in recovery settle back into ordinary society.

Alcohol Clinics Colchester, Essex

The only centre offering alcohol rehab in Colchester specialises in psychological treatment. At the simplest level, they provide advice and support to help drinkers. There are also complementary therapies available at this centre. Counselling is the primary method of treatment, although the centre believes in holistic care. They use a harm reduction approach, which doesn’t presume abstinence as a goal of treatment, but focuses on reducing the risks associated with continued drinking. They will help those who choose to get sober, of course. Anybody over the age of 16 can attend treatment at this centre.

Alcohol Counselling Grays, Essex

The alcohol rehab in Grays is a comprehensive service. An assessment of each individual’s needs determines which specific treatments are offered. They have facilities for inpatient detoxification, can arrange outpatient detoxification, and can refer users who need it to a residential centre. Psychological help is offered through structured counselling, which incorporates motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy. They’ll help anybody aged 16 and over, as well as any affected loved ones. They can also help with the criminal justice system if required.

Alcohol Treatment Centres Harlow, Essex

There are two centres providing alcohol rehab in Harlow. One of these centres only offers structured counselling, and has special services for children affected by their parent’s drinking. There are no age restrictions on treatment at this centre. The other option for alcohol treatment in Harlow also provides counselling, but has additional services for inpatient and outpatient detoxification. They start treatment with a needs assessment and then offer services as required. One to one and group counselling, relapse prevention sessions and personal development programmes are available.

Alcohol Clinics in Pitsea, Essex

The alcohol rehab in Pitsea has a multi-disciplinary staff and uses a holistic approach to treatment. They operate under the care programme approach, and primarily treat through counselling and structured day programmes. Outpatient detoxification can also be arranged to manage the physical elements of alcohol withdrawal. They can refer people to other services where required. Anybody over the age of 18 is welcome to use this centre, and they also have aftercare for those who’ve been through treatment.

Alcohol Rehab in Westcliff on Sea, Essex

The only alcohol rehab in Westcliff on Sea specialises in helping young people aged under 19. They offer treatment through structured counselling, general advice and outpatient detoxification. The centre also refers those who require it onwards to inpatient detoxification facilities and residential rehabs. They also specialise in working with young offenders who have a drug or alcohol problem.

The choice you have to make is an important one, because it directly affects the likelihood of your or your loved one achieving sobriety. Making the decision alone isn’t easy, and it can really help to have professional guidance. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres available across the county and can suggest the best options for your specific circumstances. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch!

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