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Alcohol Rehab Falkirk

Unfortunately, only one centre is available for alcohol rehab in Falkirk, and it’s located in the region’s namesake town. Different centres can serve specific demographics or offer specialised services, so if the rehab in Falkirk doesn’t meet your requirements you may have to travel to a neighbouring county. If you or your loved one won’t need medications for withdrawal or supervised detoxification, we do offer telephone counselling for a small fee. This removes any transport costs and makes it easier to fit treatment in with your schedule. Make sure you know what you need in a centre when you’re choosing an alcohol rehab in Falkirk.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Falkirk

The alcohol rehab in Falkirk only helps drinkers aged between 12 and 18, but they do provide a fairly comprehensive array of services. The centre offers general advice and information, and can help any young drinkers having trouble with the criminal justice system. Structured counselling is used to tackle the root causes of addiction, and the centre also has day programmes which combine counselling with other activities designed to do things like build self esteem. Harm reduction services such as advice on safer drinking and free condoms are also available. The alcohol rehab in Falkirk can work with GPs to offer withdrawal management medications at a local pharmacy. Anybody who requires it can be referred onwards for inpatient detoxification.

The main problem with finding an alcohol rehab in Falkirk is that over 18s have no options for treatment. You’ll be able to find suitable centres in neighbouring regions, but you might have to travel a little further. We have a detailed knowledge of the different options available across the country, and we can suggest the best options for your circumstances. We’ll answer any questions you have about treatment, and can explain the therapeutic models to you in plain English. There is no charge for our advice, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you!

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