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Alcohol Rehab Kent

You are likely to have a centre near you for alcohol rehab in Kent, because there are options in Ashford, Canterbury, Chatham, Dartford, Dover, Faversham, Folkestone, Gravesend, Maidstone, Medway, Ramsgate and Sittingbourne. With so many different facilities available, it’s important that you choose one which offers the services you need and employs a therapeutic model which is suited to you or your loved one’s personality. You should learn about the different services and approaches to treatment before you choose an alcohol rehab in Kent.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment in Ashford, Kent

There is only one centre which provides alcohol rehab in Ashford, and it provides both physical and psychological treatments to alcoholics of any age. They have structured counselling, which helps drinkers tackle the underlying issues which contribute to their addiction, and day programmes, which combine counselling with other activities to help people get sober. The centre offers outpatient detoxification with the help of a GP, and can refer those who need it to inpatient detoxification. They can also help with the criminal justice system, offer advice and help those who’ve gone through treatment settle back into society. Harm reduction facilities are also available.

Alcohol Counselling Canterbury, Kent

There are four centres in total offering alcohol rehab in Canterbury. Three of these centres are operated by the same group as the centre in Ashford. One of these is exactly the same, one operates the structured day programmes and the other is a specialist young person’s service, for drinkers aged between 11 and 18. However, each centre in the chain can arrange treatment through a specialist young person’s service or offer structured day programmes. The group believes in reducing the harms associated with drinking as much as possible, but allows clients to choose whether or not they wish to attain complete abstinence.

The last centre for alcohol rehab in Canterbury is a comprehensive service for drinkers over the age of 18. They mainly treat through structured counselling and outpatient detoxification, which can include Antabuse prescribing. They start treatment with an assessment of the individual’s needs, and then services are offered as required. The centre provides one to one and group therapy, relapse prevention sessions, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Alcohol Centres Chatham, Kent

There is only one centre which offers alcohol rehab in Chatham, and it specialises in helping young people aged between 11 and 19. They use the harm reduction approach, so they don’t assume abstinence is the goal of treatment, instead focusing on reducing the risks associated with continued drinking. The centre can provide inpatient and outpatient detoxification, structured counselling, aftercare, help with the criminal justice system and general advice.

Alcohol Counselling Dartford, Kent

The alcohol rehab in Dartford specialises in inpatient detoxification. Anybody over the age of 18 is welcome to use this service, but self referrals aren’t allowed. They have eight beds in total, and most people stay for around two weeks. There are group therapy sessions twice per day, and AlcoholicsAnonymous give regular talks. To attend treatment, you need to have an aftercare programme already arranged.

The alcohol rehab in Dover is another branch of the centre in Ashford, and provides identical services.

There are two options for alcohol rehab in Faversham, but one is yet another branch of the centre in Ashford. The other service in the area specialises in structured counselling, and can help drinkers of any age and their loved ones. They also provide general advice and information, and operate educational groups across the east of Kent.

Two different centres provide alcohol rehab in Folkestone, but one is another branch of the centre in Ashford. The other centre in the area is a residential facility, which houses clients for up to two years. They believe in abstinence-based treatment, and provide supported housing with staff on hand 24 hours a day. The centre uses one to one and group counselling to help drinkers address their issues and get sober. They can help anybody aged 16 or over.

The only alcohol rehab in Gravesend is another branch of the centre in Ashford.

There are two different centres to choose from for alcohol rehab in Maidstone. One of these centres has residential facilities and primarily treats through a structured day programme. It incorporates relapse prevention, anger management, assertiveness, relationships and recreational activities to help people get sober. It lasts for three months, and they also have an aftercare service for people who’ve been through treatment. Anybody over the age of 18 is welcome to treatment at this centre.

The other option for alcohol rehab in Maidstone is dedicated to providing advice, information and counselling to drinkers of up to 18 years of age. They work on an outreach basis, in schools, youth clubs and other locations to support excluded and vulnerable young people. They liaise with different agencies to provide other services where required.

There is only one centre providing alcohol rehab in Medway, and it only helps drinkers over the age of 18. They use the harm reduction approach to treatment, and primarily offer structured counselling. This is based on an initial needs assessment, and takes place over the course of eight sessions. Aftercare is also available at this centre.

The only alcohol rehab in Ramsgate is another branch of the centre in Ashford.

The alcohol rehab in Sittingbourne is another branch of the centre in Ashford.

Choosing a centre for alcohol rehab in Kent isn’t easy. Although there are a lot of options available to you, the majority of them are operated by the same group. You should think about you or your loved one’s specific needs when you make your decision, not just which centre is the most convenient for you to access. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres in the area and we can suggest the best options for your circumstances. We provide free advice to help you get the right treatment, so get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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