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Alcohol Rehab London

You’ll find information in this article about the centres in Southwark, Wandsworth and Lambeth which provide alcohol rehab London. There are additional centres in the area detailed in another article, so you should read both before you make your decision. Your main focus should be the treatments you or your loved one will require. Generally, structured counselling is the most important treatment for alcoholics, but especially heavy drinkers may need medically assisted withdrawal.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Southwark, London

There are several centres providing alcohol rehab london – Southwark. Two of the centres offer residential rehab, which is useful for particularly extreme cases or those who’ve tried to get sober before. One of the centres uses a half-year programme and specialises in helping ethnic minority women and their children. Structured counselling is the main form of treatment – which tackles the psychological root causes of addiction – and they offer parenting advice. The other residential centre also provides counselling, and can work with GPs to prescribe withdrawal management medicines for outpatient detoxification. Harm reduction facilities – which are designed to reduce the risks associated with addiction – are also available at this centre.

Two of the centres for alcohol rehab in Southwark specialise in detoxification. One has medically supervised inpatient detoxification, and offers psychological treatment through day programmes and structured counselling. They also provide general health advice and information about the physical risks of drinking. The other detoxification centre prescribes medicines on an outpatient basis, and also has counselling. Complementary therapies such as shiatsu are also available.

The other options for alcohol rehab in Southwark provide lower-level services. Two offer harm reduction services and structured counselling. One of these operates on an outreach basis within schools and uses the cognitive behavioural therapy approach to treatment. The two remaining centres help over 18s who are currently struggling with the criminal justice system. One is an arrest referral service to help alcoholics access treatment services, and the other operates a structured day programme.

Alcohol Programmes Wandsworth, London

Most of the six centres which provide alcohol rehab in Wandsworth are residential centres or supported housing projects. Only two don’t specialise in one of those services. One of these centres primarily helps homeless drinkers through general advice and information. They also help sex workers and have a space for rough sleepers. The other non-residential centre uses the harm reduction framework and provides counselling and day programmes to drinkers over the age of 17. They also have gender-specific support groups.

The remaining four options for alcohol rehab in Wandsworth are residential centres which help over 18s. Two of the centres offer traditional residential rehab, with group work and one to one counselling to help drinkers get clean and avoid relapse. One of these centres offers practical advice and can also be accessed non-residentially, and the other has complementary therapies. Both of the supported housing projects are operated by the same group. To attend, you have to have completed 12 weeks of abstinence-based treatment. The focus is on practical skills, education, training and employment to help drinkers reintegrate into society.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Lambeth, London

There are five different centres providing alcohol rehab in Lambeth. Two of these are residential centres which help drinkers over the age of 18. One of these centres uses an abstinence-based programme which incorporates cognitive behavioural therapy and the 12 step model. They primarily treat through group and one to one counselling. The other residential centre uses the 12 step model for treatment and also has facilities for inpatient detoxification. A mixture of group and one to one counselling is used for treatment at this centre.

Two of the three remaining centres for alcohol rehab London – Lambeth offer identical services to over 18s. They have inpatient and outpatient detoxification, general advice and structured counselling. One of the centres also provides information on safer drinking as a harm reduction service, and the other can help with the criminal justice system. The final alcohol rehabilitation centre in Lambeth is dedicated to helping drinkers currently in the criminal justice system.

The decision you have to make isn’t easy. The different centres for alcohol rehab London all provide different services and can employ one or more specific therapeutic models, so it helps to have some professional help with the decision. We’ll find out about your circumstances and suggest the best options to you. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different centres available across London, and we can explain the services and therapeutic models to you in plain English. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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