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Alcohol Rehab Merseyside

Although most centres offering alcohol rehab in Merseyside are located in Liverpool, there are also centres in Huyton, Bootle, Newton-le-Willows, Southport and St. Helens. You should learn about the services the different centres offer and if any of them employ specific treatment models before you make your decision. It helps to have a general understanding of your requirements too. Generally speaking, most drinkers only need psychological treatment like structured counselling, but heavier drinkers may also require medical treatment during withdrawal.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Centres Liverpool, Merseyside

There are several different options for alcohol rehab in Liverpool. Two of the centres primarily offer advice and information to help drinkers. One of these is a service dedicated to helping people between the ages of 10 and 17. They operate an outreach programme and have a service dedicated to helping people currently in the criminal justice system. The outreach service works in schools, youth clubs and truancy services, and also targets rough sleepers and sex workers. This same centre also has a service which provides training to help recovered alcoholics (over the age of 18) find work as a peer mentor for substance abusers. This service is also offeredat other advice centre.

Many centres for alcohol rehab in Liverpool provide psychological treatments. Counselling addresses the root causes of addiction, and teaches drinkers new coping mechanisms to help them stay sober.Structured day programmes combine counselling with other activities geared towards things likebuilding self esteem. One of the counselling centres also offers an individually tailored aftercare service. Another centre also has aftercare, but uses the harm reduction approach to treatment. The final counselling centre offers the same treatments, but also has a telephone helpline. There are two centres which specialise in structured day programmes, both of which have a focus on getting alcoholics back into employment. One of these also has a variety of training programmes and additional activities like music and creative writing.

The only residential alcohol rehab in Liverpool primarily treats through structured counselling and day programmes. It’s a supported housing project, so entire families are welcome. The three remaining centres in Liverpool provide detoxification. One of these services focuses on young people and works with GPs to provide withdrawal management medicines in the local community. They also offer counselling using cognitive behavioural therapy amongst many other approaches. There’s another centre which provides outpatient detoxification, and one which has both inpatient and outpatient services.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Centres Bootle, Merseyside

There are two centres which provide alcohol rehab in Bootle. One of these centres is a dry house for homeless drinkers, which uses links with other services and in-house training schemes to help over 18s turn their lives around. The other option for treatment in the area primarily offers structured counselling as treatment and uses the harm reduction approach. This basically states that abstinence shouldn’t be the goal of treatment, and it’s better to work to reduce the risks of drinking as much as possible. They also offer advice, aftercare and help with the criminal justice system at this centre, and they have no age restrictions on treatment.

Alcohol Counselling Programmes in Newton-Le-Willows, Merseyside

There is only one centre which provides alcohol rehab in Newton-Le-Willows. It is primarily a harm reduction centre, but also has structured counselling. Drinkers can get advice and information at this centre, and those who’ve been through treatment can receive aftercare. They also liaise with GPs to offer outpatient detoxification, and refer any patients who require additional treatment onwards. Only over 18s can attend treatment at this centre.

Alcohol Treatment Programmes in Southport, Merseyside

The alcohol rehab in Southport is another branch of the centre in Newton-Le-Willows, and provides the same services to drinkers of any age. This centre can be accessed through drop-in sessions or appointments.

Alcohol Treatment Services in St. Helens, Merseyside

Two different services offer alcohol rehab in St. Helens. One of these services is operated by the same group as the centres in Southport and Newton-Le-Willows. It offers the same services to over 18s, and also has special service for homeless drinkers. They have special help available for people with additional mental health issues, and there is also a sister service which offers complimentary therapies.

The other alcohol rehab in St. Helens only helps drinkers under the age of 19. They primarily offer advice at this centre, but can also work with GPs for outpatient detoxification. Advice on harm reduction is available, and they can provide access to one to one and group counselling sessions. They can also help the friends and families of drinkers.

There are myriad options available for alcohol rehab in Merseyside, so you should ensure that the centre you choose offers all of the services you need. If you’re struggling to make a decision, we offer free advice to help you find the right centre. We’ll listen to your requirements and suggest the best options for your specific circumstances. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different centres throughout the county, and the ones in neighbouring counties. If you’ll have to travel a long way for a suitable alcohol rehab in Merseyside, there might be better options for you in other counties. Our advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you!

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