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Alcohol Rehab Moray

Travelling to Elgin is your only choice if you’re looking for alcohol rehab in Moray. There is only one centre in the entire region, but you’ll have to base your decision on your needs as opposed to the convenience of attending. If travel is a particular issue, we offer telephone counselling to address the underlying causes of addiction and help people stay sober. There is a small charge for this service, but it makes it considerably easier to fit treatment in with a busy schedule. Find out about the centre available in Elgin before you make your final decision to give you a clearer understanding of your options.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Elgin, Moray

The alcohol rehab in Elgin can help drinkers of any age, and also offers services to any affected loved ones. This means that any drinker in the region is eligible for treatment, but they don’t have medical assistance for withdrawal. The main treatment provided is structured counselling, and they help drinkers move towards abstinence or simply regain control of their drinking. General advice is also available on issues relating to alcohol use, and they have links with other services which can help in some cases. You don’t need a specialist referral to attend treatment at this centre.

The only option for alcohol rehab in Moray isn’t suitable for more severe alcoholics. One of the most difficult things to do when you’re looking for treatment is to determine your needs, and we can help you work out which treatments you’ll need. We offer free advice to help you make the right decision, and have a detailed knowledge of the options available to you all across the country. There is no charge for this service, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you!

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