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Alcohol Rehab South London

Learning about services offered by the centres in Croydon, Bromley, Richmond, Kingston and Sutton is an important part of finding the right alcohol rehab in South London. Each offers different treatments, and it’s important to ensure that your needs will be met by the centre you choose. Simply put, heavier drinkers will need medical assistance with withdrawal, and counselling will be sufficient on its own in less severe cases. There is also the possibility that the centre will employ one specific therapeutic model, and they don’t all suit every drinker. Most centres will use a variety of approaches, but it helps to learn a little about them when you’re choosing an alcohol rehab in South London.

Alcohol Treatment Programmes  Croydon, South London

Three different centres provide alcohol rehab in Croydon. One of the specialises in detoxification, and uses Ibogaine for a specialist inpatient detox programme. Any drinkers over the age of 18 can use this service, and they also offer structured counselling. This helps alcoholics identify and work through the issues which drive them to drink. Another centre in the area uses counselling as its primary treatment, and specialises in helping young drinkers aged between 14 and 25. Harm reduction facilities are also available, which are designed to minimise the risks associated with drinking. The last alcohol rehab in Croydon is a residential centre for alcoholics over the age of 18. They treat through a day programme, composed of counselling and additional activities which boost confidence or improve decision-making.

Alcohol Counselling Kingston Upon Thames , South London

There are two options for alcohol rehab in Kingston, but one is primarily dedicated to helping those who’ve been arrested access treatment. The other centre helps drinkers of any age and provides a wide range of services. They offer structured counselling and day programmes as psychological treatment, and also provide aftercare to drinkers who’ve already been through rehabilitation. They also have harm reduction services, and can work with local GPs to provide outpatient detoxification.

Alcohol Counselling Treatment  Sutton, South London

Four centres in total offer alcohol rehab in Sutton. Two of these specialise in helping young drinkers. One takes any drinkers up to the age of 18, and offers treatment through structured counselling. They liaise with GPs, education providers and youth offenders teams to offer a wide range of services. The other young person’s centre also primarily offers counselling, but they also have harm reduction facilities. Anybody up to the age of 25 is eligible for treatment, and they also run alcohol awareness workshops in schools.

One of the remaining centres for alcohol rehab in Sutton provides advice, harm reduction services and structured counselling to any drinkers aged over 18. Both one to one and group counselling are available at this centre, and they can also provide complementary therapies such as auricular acupuncture. The final centre in the area is a specialist service designed to help alcoholic parents who have child protection issues. They ordinarily help over 16s, but the only requirement is that the client is a substance abusing parent, so younger drinkers can receive treatment.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Programmes Richmond, South London

The alcohol rehab in Richmond operates on the philosophy that recovery is a process, not an event. They offer psychological treatment through structured counselling, and medical assistance during withdrawal with the help of a GP. They also provide general advice related to alcohol, and aftercare to help recovering alcoholics settle back into society. Anybody over the age of 18 can attend, and they’ll also assist drinkers with the criminal justice system.

Alcoholism Counselling  Programmes Bromley, South London

There is only one centre which provides alcohol rehab in Bromley, and it specialises in psychological treatment. They offer general advice on drinking, harm reduction services, structured counselling, day programmes and aftercare. Their counselling uses cognitive behavioural therapy, but also builds in brief interventions and the harm reduction philosophy. Drinkers of any age are welcome, and they have a special service for 13 to 19 year olds.

It’s not easy to determine the best centre for your requirements. When you’re looking for an alcohol rehab in South London, it can help to get some professional assistance with the decision. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different centres across London and in neighbouring areas, and we can help you find the right care. We’ll listen to your requirements, suggest the best options for your circumstances and answer any questions you might have about treatment. Our advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you!

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