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Alcohol Rehab County Tyrone

If you or your loved one is looking for alcohol rehab County Tyrone, there are centres available in Omagh, Dungannon and Cookstown. It’s important to remember to make your decision based on how suitable each centre is for your needs, not on how convenient it is to attend. Psychological treatment is required in all cases of alcoholism, and in severe cases medical intervention might also be needed during withdrawal. Some centres also employ specific therapeutic models, so learning about each can help you understand the philosophy which underpins the treatment. Finding the right alcohol rehab in County Tyrone gives you or your loved one the best chance of achieving lasting sobriety.

Alcohol Rehabiliation Clinics in Omagh, County Tyrone

There is only one centre which provides alcohol rehab in Omagh. It specialises in offering structured counselling, which helps drinkers identify the deep-seated issues which drive them to addiction. Their counselling employs the motivational interviewing framework for treatment, which aims to increase drinkers’ motivation to institute a change in their lives. This centre primarily focuses on drinkers between the ages of 12 and 25, but anybody is welcome to attend treatment. They offer support to both individuals and communities, and also have a telephone helpline which operates in office hours.

Alcohol Treatment Services in Cookstown, County Tyrone

The alcohol rehab in Cookstown is dedicated to providing advice, information and general support to drinkers. Teenagers and their parents are the main focus for the centre, but they will help any alcoholics. They primarily conduct talks and information events designed to raise awareness of drug and alcohol related issues in the community. The centre aims to separate the facts about alcohol from the myths for the benefit of both young people and their parents. They also operate a programme to help parents talk to their children about drugs and alcohol.

Alcohol Counselling in Dungannon, County Tyrone

There are two different services which offer alcohol rehab in Dungannon, but one of these is another branch of the centre in Omagh. There is limited access to the motivational interviewing counselling which is widely available at the Omagh centre, but there is also an outreach-based counselling service available. This works within the Probation Board of Northern Ireland to provide drinkers currently in the criminal justice system with the treatment they need. The centre still focuses on drinkers aged between 12 and 25, but will help any alcoholics.

The other option for alcohol rehab in Dungannon actually operates out of the same centre. This service is a support group which offers counselling within the framework of the 12 step program. It’s a “disease” model of addiction, and teaches drinkers that the only way to remove their shortcomings is to turn their lives over to some form of higher power. There is an obvious spiritual element to this treatment, but attendees aren’t required to make any religious commitments.

The decision you’re about to make will have a marked impact on the likelihood of you or your loved one achieving lasting sobriety. The different options for alcohol rehab in County Tyrone all focus on psychological treatment, so heavy drinkers should consider travelling further afield to get the right care. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres located across the country, and we’ll listen to your requirements and suggest the best options to you. If you have any questions about treatment we’ll happily answer them, and we can explain the therapeutic models to you in simple terms. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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