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Alcohol Rehab West Midlands

Choosing an alcohol rehab in West Midlands means looking what’s on offer at the centres located in Chensley Wood, Solihull, Sandwell, West Bromwich, Birmingham, Coventry, Walsall and Wolverhampton. Each one offers different services, and some specialise in helping a certain demographic or using a specific treatment. It helps to gain a general understanding of your requirements when you choose an alcohol rehab in West Midlands, and finding out about the different therapeutic models can also be useful.

Alcohol Rehabilitaion Programmes Chensley Wood, West Midlands

The only alcohol rehab in Chensley Wood offers primarily psychological treatments to drinkers over the age of 18. The centre offers structured counselling, which is designed to unearth the underlying causes of addiction and help drinkers deal with their personal issues. The centre also has day programmes, which use one to one and group counselling alongside additional activities for treatment. Harm reduction services are on offer, which focus on reducing the risks associated with drinking as much as possible instead of just pushing abstinence. All treatment starts with a thorough needs assessment.

Alcohol Rehabs in Solihull, West Midlands

There is also only one alcohol rehab in Solihull, and it provides similar services to the centre in Chensley Wood. Structured counselling, day programmes and harm reduction services are available, and they assess every drinker on admission to ensure they get the care required. This centre only helps drinkers over the age of 16, but anybody younger can still be offered structured counselling, which is the main treatment for any case of addiction.

Alcoholism Treatment in Sandwell, West Midlands

The only alcohol rehab in Sandwell primarily offers psychological treatments. It has one to one structured counselling (with a special focus on relapse prevention and motivational work), and also offers general support, advice and information. Complementary therapies such as auricular acupuncture are available at this centre, and they can also arrange outpatient detoxification to help with withdrawal symptoms. Only over 18s can attend treatment at this centre.

Alcohol Recovery in Birmingham, West Midlands

Both of the centres for alcohol rehab in Birmingham offer a multi-faceted range of treatments to over 18s. One of the centres uses structured counselling alongside outpatient detoxification for treatment. Complementary therapies such as auricular acupuncture are also available. The other option for alcohol rehabilitation in Birmingham has facilities for both inpatient and outpatient detoxification. They also have counselling, structured day programmes and can help those who’ve been through treatment with aftercare.

Alcohol Counselling in Coventry, West Midlands

There are two centres which provide alcohol rehab in Coventry. One of the centres helps drinkers of any age but primarily treats through structured counselling. Harm reduction facilities are available, and they also have aftercare services and offer general advice. The other centre is a residential rehab which only takes over 18s. They use a cognitive programme which addresses psychological issues from a faith-oriented perspective. This centre can also help with the criminal justice system.

Alcoholic Treatment in Walsall, West Midlands

There is only one option for alcohol in Walsall, and counselling is the main treatment provided. Harm reduction facilities are available, as well as general advice and help with the criminal justice system. Any drinkers who need it are referred onwards to other centres, and there are no age restrictions on treatment.

Alcohol Rehabilitation in Wolverhampton, West Midlands

The structured day programme offered by the alcohol rehab in Wolverhampton is the main treatment provided. The programme uses a combination of one to one and group counselling, as well as complementary therapies. There is a special focus on vocational skills and getting drinkers back into education, training or employment. Counselling is also available at the centre, and drinkers are offered general advice and help with the criminal justice system. Any alcoholics over the age of 18 are welcome.

The choice you make regarding alcohol rehab in West Midlands has a direct impact on the likelihood of you or your loved one getting sober. You need to make sure your treatment needs are met and that the therapeutic model is agreeable for you to stand the best chance of success. We offer free advice to help you decide, and we’ll listen to your requirements before suggesting the best options to you. Professional help reassures you that you’re getting the care you need, so why not see what we can do for you? It doesn’t cost you a thing, so pick up the phone and get in touch!

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