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Alcohol Rehab West Sussex

Crawley, Bognor Regis, Chichester and Worthing each have different centres which offer alcohol rehab in West Sussex, with the majority found in Worthing. The first step towards finding the right treatment is to research the requirements alcohol addiction puts on rehab centres, to ensure that you or your loved one’s needs are met. Matching the treatments to your requirements is much more important than finding a centre in a convenient location, and you should also consider the different therapeutic models in your decision. Not every alcohol rehab in West Sussex uses a therapeutic model, but it helps to understand the possible approaches to treatment when you make a decision.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Crawley, West Sussex

The only alcohol rehab in Crawley uses a multi-faceted approach to treatment. Structured counselling addresses the deep-seated psychological issues which underpin addiction, and helps drinkers tackle the problems which lead them to alcohol. The centre also works with GPs to provide medicines for withdrawal at a local pharmacy. Alcoholics over the age of 18 are welcome to attend treatment at this centre.

Alcohol Treatment Programmes Bognor Regis, West Sussex

There are two centres which offer alcohol rehab in Bognor Regis, and both of them only help over 18s. One of the centres provides structured counselling as the main treatment, through both group and one to one sessions. They can also offer outpatient detoxification with the help of a local GP, and have harm reduction services. The harm reduction approach is more concerned with minimising the risks associated with drinking than forcing people into abstinence, so things like free condoms and advice on safer drinking are available. They start treatment with a needs assessment, so they’ll refer any drinkers who need it on for further treatment.

The other alcohol rehab in Bognor Regis mainly treats through a structured day programme. This combines several activities and treatments to help drinkers get sober. The day programme includes group work, relapse prevention sessions, one to one counselling, life skills, help with education, training and employment, health awareness classes and complementary therapies. Treatment is guided by an initial risk assessment and a client-led care plan.

Alcohol Counselling Chichester, West Sussex

Two different services offer alcohol rehab in Chichester. One of these only helps over 18s, and provides both physical and psychological treatments. They have structured counselling, group-work sessions, and work with GPs to provide outpatient detoxification. A detailed needs assessment determines the course of treatment, and they offer referrals to inpatient detoxification or residential centres where required. The other service in the area is dedicated to helping drinkers of any age currently in the criminal justice system.

Alcoholism Treatment Worthing, West Sussex

There are five centres which provide alcohol rehab in Worthing. Two of these centres mainly focus on offering structured counselling to drinkers aged over 18. One of the counselling centres specialises in helping those who have mental health issues in addition to substance misuse issues. They use concordance therapy, relapse prevention sessions, anger management classes and assertiveness training. Counselling is available on both a one to one and a group basis, and they also help drinkers get back into education, training or employment. The other counselling centre for over 18s also offers harm reduction services, and can refer drinkers to other centres where required.

Two of the facilities for alcohol rehab in Worthing also offer outpatient detoxification. One of the centres is dedicated to helping young drinkers under 19, and also has harm reduction facilities. The structured counselling provided at this centre uses a variety of approaches, and also focuses on relapse prevention. The other outpatient detoxification centre has identical treatments, but only helps over 18s who are homeless or pregnant. The last option for alcohol rehab in Worthing helps drinkers with the criminal justice system.

There are a wide variety of options for alcohol rehab in West Sussex, and making the right decision isn’t easy. The choice you make directly affects the likelihood of you or your loved one getting sober, so professional help is advised. We have a detailed knowledge of the centres in the area, and can help you reach the right decision. We’ll suggest the best options for your specific circumstances and answer any questions you have about treatment. Our service is completely free, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you!

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