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Alcohol Rehab Worcestershire

Choosing an alcohol rehab in Worcestershire is made more difficult by the drought of centres in the area, with the only options located in Worcester and Kidderminster. If the centres in the area aren’t suitable for your needs, you should consider travelling further afield for treatment. Finding a centre which offers the right services is much more important than how easy it is to get to. Learning about the requirements alcohol addiction places on rehab centres and the services you’re likely to need helps you make the right decision. It’s also useful to learn about the different approaches to treating addiction when you’re choosing an alcohol rehab in Worcestershire.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Kidderminster, Worcestershire

The only alcohol rehab in Kidderminster specialises in medical treatment. They work with GPs to provide withdrawal management medicines at a local pharmacy for outpatient detoxification, which is required for more severe drinkers. General advice on harm reduction is also available, which helps alcoholics reduce the risks associated with continued drinking. They can also help drinkers with housing and assist anybody having trouble with the criminal justice system. Most of their work is conducted in the community and they only help over 18s.

Alcohol Services Worcester, Worcestershire

There are three options for alcohol rehab in Worcester. The first centre uses a multi-faceted approach to addiction treatment. They work with GPs to offer outpatient detoxification, and also have harm reduction services. Structured counselling is available, which addresses the underlying psychological factors which lead to addiction. This is conducted both individually and through groups. Drinkers of any age are welcome to attend treatment, and they can also help those currently in the criminal justice system. Advice and peer education projects are also offered by this centre, as well as aftercare to help recovering alcoholics settle back into society.

One of the remaining centres for alcohol rehab in Worcester is a harm reduction centre, offering services like free condoms and advice on safer drinking. The centre operates on a shared care basis with local GPs, and can provide outpatient detoxification. Assistance with the criminal justice system is also available. Any drinkers over the age of 18 are eligible for treatment.

The last centre for alcohol rehab in Worcester is dedicated to helping under 19s. They use the harm reduction philosophy, which doesn’t assume abstinence is the main goal of treatment, but does assist those who choose to cut down or stop drinking altogether. They help alcoholics through targeted educational programmes, advice and support. Outpatient detoxification is offered for the physical symptoms of addiction, and alcohol treatment usually involves benzodiazepine management. They have specialist alcohol workers, and can also provide aftercare for drinkers who’ve already been through treatment.

The most difficult thing about choosing an alcohol rehab in Worcestershire is that the majority of the centres don’t provide counselling, which is vital for almost all cases of addiction. If you’re having trouble determining what the best option is for your specific needs, we can help you make the right choice. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different centres in the area, and we’ll suggest the best options for your circumstances. This service is absolutely free. If you are looking for counselling, we do provide it over the phone for a small fee, and we can also suggest other centres in neighbouring counties free of charge.

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