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Alcohol may be the nation’s drug of choice, but addiction can still take hold, and if it does, you’ll need to find a suitable centre for alcohol rehab Wales. There aren’t as many options for treatment as you’ll find in neighbouring England, but there are still more than enough centres serving the north, south, east and west of the country. The majority of centres are, of course, found in Cardiff, but you’ll be able to find the support you need regardless of the specific region you live in. The west doesn’t have as many centres, though, so drinkers from regions such as Gwynedd and Pembrokeshire might have to travel a little further to find alcohol rehab in Wales.

Alcohol Rehabilitation North Wales

Colwyn Bay in Conwy has the most options for alcohol rehab in the north of Wales, but there are also options available in neighbouring regions Denbighshire and Flintshire. There are two centres in Colwyn Bay, one of which offers a comprehensive range of treatments to drinkers of any age, whilst the other is a residential 12 step programme catering to drinkers aged over 18. The centre in Rhyl also has both medical care and psychological support, as does the centre in Shotton. In practice, this means that virtually any drinker can easily find suitable alcohol rehab in the north of Wales, although some may have to travel further than others.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment South Wales

Cardiff offers numerous centres for alcohol rehab in the south of Wales, and you can undergo detoxification on either an inpatient or an outpatient basis there. There are also harm reduction services and an option which caters specifically to the needs of alcoholic parents and their children. Treatment is also available in Bridgend, Barry, Neath, Port Talbot and Aberdare, so you probably won’t have to travel extensively to find the support you need.

Alcohol Treatment Programmes West Wales

Finding alcohol rehab in the west of Wales is more difficult than in any other part of the country, but there are still enough options for most drinkers. In Swansea, there are two harm reduction centres, with one offering both inpatient and outpatient detoxification in addition to psychological support. There are two centres in Carmarthen, although one is primarily and advice-based service. Aberystwyth has one residential treatment centre (abstinence-based) and one which focuses on psychological treatment.

Alcohol Counselling Programmes East Wales

There are a few options for alcohol rehab in the east of Wales, with one centre in Monmouthshire, one in Powys and one in Wrexham. The centre in Monmouthshire is located in Abergavenny, and offers detoxification and psychological support to pregnant drinkers or those with mental health or poly-substance abuse issues (taking more than one drug). There is a centre in Welshpool which focuses on psychological support, and a harm reduction service in Wrexham. The centre for alcohol detox in Wrexham helps drinkers of any age, but the one in Welshpool only helps over 18s.

There are plenty of options for alcohol rehab in Wales, but the best centre for you might not be in the best location. It’s important to remember that it’s worth travelling further to find the right level of care, rather than attending a centre without the support you need just because it’s closer. We have a detailed knowledge of the centres all across the UK, so we can point you to the best option for you in Wales or suggest alternatives on the western border of England. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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