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Dear Albert is a social enterprise dedicated to resolving the personal, social and economic problems associated with substance misuse and so improve communities and better people’s lives. Run by a voluntary board made up of people living in long-term recovery themselves, any profits from trading are reinvested back into the business or local community to increase positive outcomes and secure long-term sustainability further. Committed to best practice and to delivering evidence-based interventions, Dear Albert is focused on its support for individuals wanting to achieve long term sobriety and in helping communities tackle the issues associated with drug and alcohol misuse.

Accessing Local Drug and Alcohol Treatment

In support of our mission that ‘no one need be alone in their recovery’ part of our remit is to bring together and make available all the diffident resources that can aid recovery from addiction and which can sponsor on-going well-being. This includes bringing together all the businesses, voluntary organisations, statutory services, charities, individuals and community assets that can work together to achieve our aims. By combining private funds with grant monies and other revenues, we provide a new model of addiction services aimed at giving everyone the best possible chances of on-going recovery and growth.

To this end Dear Albert has created DA Networking, an associate company specially dedicated to beginning mapping all the available drug and alcohol services in local areas and then matching enquiries to the right services. Mapping is an on-going process, and all assistance is greatly appreciated. ‘Mapping’ simply means illustrating what resources, services and help are available, and making access to these as easy and straight forward as possible. The idea is to create ‘recovery maps’ were those looking can find at a glance what services are available. DA Networking can offer professional, independent, informed advice about these services and help point you or a loved one in the right direction when necessary.

Local Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Dear Albert has already secured established links with many local services, including statuary detox clinics, residential treatment centres, charities and free help, private drug and alcohol services and specialist 1-2-1 counsellor’s up and down the country. The mapping also extends to regional, national (and if necessary international) programmes, products and services from the charitable, commissioned and business sectors. Such an extensive recovery network provides a comprehensive overview of recovery interventions that we can share, allowing DA Networking to deliver specific treatment programmes tailored to individual needs.

Our comprehensive relationships in the field allow us to reach the right professional people, modalities and therapeutic approaches/interventions at the right price and at the right time. Whether you’re current ‘using’ status requires little more than basic signposting to local community support and mutual aid meetings. For example AA, NA, SMART or local ‘drop-in’ services, through to immediate private detox and primary treatment programmes as required, Dear Albert and DA Networking is with you all the way.


Adhering to a clear ethical framework and working in conjunction with such an extensive portfolio of organisations. Dear Albert and DA Networking can effectively help make visible to you all the available drug and alcohol services in your local area; either assessable free of charge when circumstances demand, or at a fair and appropriate price when the right kind of help has been identified and needs to be accessed straight away. We also map more regional, national (- even international) programmes, products and services to source the very best possible outcomes.

Generating a new model in drug and alcohol recovery by combining private, family and business monies with other resources such as existing community assets, grant funding and commissioned provision, Dear Albert specialises in matching those seeking support with the most suited and best available options. We will also provide an initial professional screening without any charge, followed when appropriate by a treatment assessment, either in person or over the phone, before either:

Signposting to local or regional services for further help.
• Provide our own in-house 1-2-1 counselling, group therapy or other evidence based interventions and support.
• Refer you to one of our detox clinics or residential treatment programmes that have
been specifically selected for their professionalism and care.

DA Networking is managed by two qualified therapists, both in long-term recovery themselves, registered with BACP and with extensive experience and practice in supporting the resolution of substance misuse. We look forward to working with you.

Please follow “local resourcesfor information about drug and alcohol treatment in your local area.


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