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Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol Dependence is when drinking becomes a need rather than a personal desire. You feel that alcohol has become necessary for your everyday functioning, and it can easily lead to excessive drinking, which can have serious health repercussions on us. When people rely on alcohol for their regular functioning, it changes the chemical make-up of their brain. Often people start showing withdrawal symptoms if they cannot consume alcohol when they want to and they are prone to trembles, headaches and nausea because of it. If you have identified any of these issues because of your drinking, you might want to consider your future course of action.

Alcohol Dependence can be seriously debilitating for your personal and professional lives; quite simply you just cannot function without it. And what’s worse, you get stuck in a rut because being more reliant on alcohol to keep yourself going makes it difficult for many to get out of it even if you want to. Getting rid of this dependence on alcohol needs a lot of will power; there are no two ways about it. It will test your personal strength, but you can take comfort in the fact that many have managed to achieve it in the past and so can you.

The first step in getting rid of Alcohol Dependence is to be honest with yourself and identifying the problem. Think about the life you led before being dependent on alcohol and all the negative effects it has had on your life. If you do realize that your life has been affected adversely because of your dependence on drinking, it’s time you start getting back control over your life. It’s not the time to make excuses for the situation but to take proactive steps in the right direction.

And you can start with consulting your doctor, who will be able to assess the extent of your Alcohol Dependence. Be upfront and speak to your doctor about your daily consumption levels of alcohol. It will help your doctor get a fair idea of the situation so that he can decide the treatment required for you; it could be anything from medical intervention to inpatient treatment or psychotherapy. It could be a combination of different types of treatments that will show results in your particular case. Whatever treatment program is suggested by the doctor, stick to it and follow it to the T. It’s extremely crucial for your recovery process.

During recovery and also after it, ensure that you stay away from things, friends, circumstances that encourage you to drink. If you steer clear of these elements and focus on other activities, you will find it easier to fight your battle against Alcohol Dependence. You can also join a support group for those who have problems with alcohol and make sure you attend those meetings regularly. You will find great strength being in a place where everyone strives to get rid of their dependence on alcohol, which is an achievable goal.

If you are worried about your or someone else’s drinking feel free to call in at any time, in confidence for some professional support.

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