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Alcohol Rehab Programme

Alcohol rehab programmes generally are procedures and guidance given to people suffering from the seriously debilitating disorder of alcoholism.

The problem of alcohol addiction is no more an isolated disorder. The short-term and long-term adverse effects of alcohol addiction severely reduce the quality of life of the individual, the former being dehydration and intoxication, while the long-term adverse effects include detrimental changes in the liver metabolism process and the brain. Severe alcohol poisoning and elevated levels of alcohol in the blood may even result in death.

Alcohol Rehab Programme: The Need

In today’s world, where drinking is legalized in many countries and the age limit for drinking is low (around 16 – 18years), the tendency to incline toward alcoholism is generally high, and the exploitation of the beverage for recreational and euphoric purposes.

The increased alcoholism disorder statistics show the alarming rate of increase of damage, whether in the form of accidents due to drunkenness or a severe reduction in the quality of life of the individual, with increased crime occurrences due to this disorder.

At such situations, and alcohol rehab programme could be the best solution, as they provide a hand-in-hand method of overcoming the disorder and better tolerance toward the withdrawal symptoms that sufferers of alcoholism undergo.

Alcohol Rehab Programme: An Overview

The first step in the alcohol rehab programme involves with the voluntary admission of the addiction suffered by the patients themselves. The change can be instituted at any point of time, since the recovery process involves a gradual withdrawal from the addiction. Alcohol rehab programmes focus on the addiction and the cause of it, allowing the person to get a clearer view of the actual cause, and the right form of treatment for it rather than resorting to alcoholism.

The rehab programmes also focus on the detoxification of the body of the patient, completely eliminating the use of alcohol. In the presence of medical experts, the detoxification process kick-starts, and the patient is slowly weaned away from the alcohol and the accumulated toxins over a period of time due to the addiction. This detoxification may last from a few days to a few weeks, depending upon the recovery of the patient, and is highly significant in clearing the cloud of addiction from above the person’s head.

For severe addicts, the withdrawal symptoms may be severe, and tolerance to them is effectively done through counselling and patient support services offered by the alcohol rehab programmes. The withdrawal symptoms may be irritability, sweating, mood swings, depression and in severe cases, seizures.

Counselling sessions which allow the patient to open up about the causes for addiction, relapse prevention plans to help the patient recover completely and eliminate the addiction from his/her system and also counselling to overcome the trauma of the addiction are all subsequent steps in the alcohol rehab programme.

Alcohol Rehab Programme: The Significance

Indeed, alcohol addiction is no uncommon occurrence, and the fact that millions of people every year suffer from it, and that rehab can help them emerge from the addiction clean and free to lead a perfectly normal life are proof enough that the patients need no longer suffer.


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