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Alcoholics Anonymous

‘Alcoholics anonymous’ is a group founded by Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith. Bill and Bob were both alcoholics before and a spiritual awakening helped them come out of it and stay sober. They wish the same for other alcoholics who have been going on and off with their addiction and are crying out for someone to come and save them.

Alcoholics have a lot to deal with. It is no doubt that they are addicted to alcohol and need help but more often than not, the alcoholics themselves are very much aware of this problem. It is just that for them it becomes extremely difficult to stay focused and get rid of the addiction once and for all.

Alcohol addiction is like all other addictions. While the level of severity may vary from one addiction to another, the bottom line of the problem remains the same. It is not called an addiction for no reason. People going through an addiction associate their life with it, which in this case is alcohol. It is this reason why they just cannot seem to put it aside and move on with their lives.

That is why groups like Alcoholics anonymous are coming forward to help individuals go through the recovery process and come out victorious. The thing about alcohol addiction is that it has significant amount of effect on the nervous system of the body. So, if the addict tries to come out of the addiction, he will experience mental trauma and sometimes it also involves physical discomfort.

Therefore, the addiction recovery should not engage any desperate measures because doing so will put the addict’s health in jeopardy. The Alcoholics anonymous’ 12 step program takes the addict through each step with a lot of care and attention. Each step is designed to help the addict move forward on the path of recovery without compelling him to give up addiction at one shot.

As the program takes time and effort, it has also recorded a good recovery rate. As a result there have been many addicts who are now enjoying complete sobriety without falling back into the addiction. So, if you or someone you know happens to be a victim of alcohol addiction you should seriously consider the Alcoholics anonymous program.

The group now has more than a hundred members. This only goes to show how popular it is getting and how many people are actually able to find reliable help from the group. If you have been suffering from the problem of addiction and want to put a permanent stop to it, you should join the group and benefit from its many offerings.

To know more about the Alcoholics anonymous group and how it operates, you can get online and read about it. There are many rehab websites that give you direct access to the group’s details. However, if you would like some advice from one of our professional alcohol counsellors, feel free to call anytime.


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