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Alcoholism Symptoms

Alcoholism is a condition which millions of people round the world suffer from, but are unaware of. Many countries have alcohol consumption a legalized activity, with the age restriction limited to 16-18 years to consume alcohol. This has led to the misuse of the beverage for undue advantages, and for recreational purposes.

The consumption of alcohol has seen a rise in a major chunk of the population, and the rise in consumption has seen alarming levels, with almost 14% of the American population suffering from extreme alcohol addiction, the condition called alcoholism.

Alcoholism symptoms are many, varying in degrees with the level of addiction that the patient suffers from. Indeed, it is a disorder, as excessive alcohol consumption leads to psychological impairment further leading on to physical and physiological damage too, the ultimate fatality being death.

Alcoholism Symptoms: how to identify the condition

Many people are unaware that they might actually be the victims of alcoholism. There is a difference, however, in mild alcohol consumers and those heavily dependent on alcohol. The alcoholism symptoms are generally more severe in addicts, and some of them are listed below, which help a person identify if he/she is struggling with a disorder which needs immediate professional help.

Early symptoms which indicate possible addiction are easy intoxication, heavy drinking and a frequent drinking pattern seen in the daily life of the person, which results in erratic behavior.

Also, changes in the moods and demeanor of the person, who turns more violent or emotional than usual after alcohol consumption, and instances of drunken driving and brawls indicate a high probability of alcohol addiction.

A major indicator of alcoholism is the fact that, though the alcohol consumption has turned extreme and resulted in problems, the person resorts to further drinking. An impaired control over the consumption of alcohol and unsuccessful attempts at reducing the consumption is one of the alcoholism symptoms.

Alcoholism symptoms manifest as neglect of responsibilities, social or occupational, resulting in a lowered overall performance and quality of life.

Though the person is aware of the fact that he/she is consuming excessive alcohol, the inability to stop or reduce consumption is a sign that professional help is needed to overcome the addiction.

Psychological effects being more pronounced, and a greater chunk of the time being dedicated to alcohol consumption or other activities related to alcohol (whether obtaining the beverage or trying to abstain from it) is another indication of possible alcoholism, and counseling is to be opted for immediately.

One of the alcoholism symptoms which is a sure sign of abuse is the increased tolerance to the beverage, which leads the patient to consume larger amounts for the effects to be experienced.

Alcoholism symptoms: First Step toward Treatment

The disease is progressive and the symptoms get worse with time, if left unattended, the recovery turning more painful as the delay extends. Thus, identifying the potential occurrences at the earliest and recognizing them as the alcoholism symptoms are the first step in the treatment of alcoholism.

The fact that effective counseling would help overcome the debilitating disease and improve the quality of life is an encouragement for those suffering from alcoholism to avail themselves of the professional counseling and rehab.

If you are trying to identify if you or a loved one are suffering from alcoholism, feel free to call us at any time for some professional support.


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