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Benefits of Group Counselling

Choosing the right type of alcohol counselling for yourself or a loved one can help to ensure a smooth transition to sobriety. Both one to one counselling and group counselling have positive aspects, and the right treatment depends heavily on the individual. Despite this, there are undoubtedly some additional benefits of group counselling which can help people struggling with addiction. Many alcohol rehab programs include group counselling for this reason, so learning about its benefits is important to the decision you make.

Most of the benefits of group counselling come from the fact that you are surrounded by people who are going through the same issues. When you go through a difficult patch, it can be easy to become self-pitying and assume that nobody else understands the trouble you are having. Group counselling helps you realise that your problems are normal, and that people like you have come through the same thing before. The first positive point is realising that you’re not alone.

The group aspect of this type of counselling also gives you the opportunity to learn lessons from other people. Other recovering alcohol addicts in your group will have experienced the same things you are struggling with, and may have developed useful coping mechanisms which can help you overcome the issues. Conversely, seeing mistakes made by others can also teach you important lessons. For example, somebody in your group may have relapsed because of an emotional trigger for alcohol use, and their difficulty can serve as a warning to you. Group counselling allows you to take the positive techniques learned by others and avoid their mistakes.

There are also numerous social benefits of group counselling. The group aspect makes the counselling a social experience, but one in which you are surrounded by people who truly understand exactly what you’re struggling with. The overall atmosphere in group counselling sessions is positive and geared towards overcoming addiction. The group can therefore become a replacement for old peer groups, who may have led to you use in the past.

Overcoming addiction also changes the ways in which you interact with people as a whole. One of the benefits of group counselling is that can get used to social interaction without your chemical crutch. For example, cannabis can make people feel relaxed and talkative, so cannabis users may not feel able to make friends without the alcohol. By meeting sober people in group counselling, the user learns that the alcohol isn’t necessary for social interaction.

There are many benefits of group counselling, and almost all of relate to social interaction. Feeling alone and like you can’t confide in anybody can drive people back to alcohol. The group gives you a safe place in which you can be honest and receive feedback from a diverse group of people. It shows you that you can trust others, and that there is support for you when you’re struggling. The experience of opening up to strangers can make you more comfortable with talking to your loved ones about your problems.

Group counselling combines the benefits of alcohol counselling with additional social skills which benefit the user throughout their recovery. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, the preferred type of counselling determines what you should look for in a alcohol rehab facility. We provide free advice on the different rehab facilities, the services they provide and the different types of treatment available. Please get in touch with us if you’re having any trouble making a decision and see what we can do for you!

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