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Magic Mushrooms Rehab

Finding out about the effects and risks of different drugs can help you determine the severity of you or your loved one’s usage and whether magic mushroom rehab is necessary. “Magic mushrooms” is a broad term used to describe any mushroom which contains psilocybin, which is the active hallucinogenic component of the drug. The most common magic mushrooms in Britain are liberty caps, but other varieties such as the fly agaric can also grow. Liberty caps are noted for their distinctive heads, which have a nipple-like point on the top. Fly agarics are large red mushrooms with white spots, and are recognisable from their repeated use in things like fairy tales.

Magic mushrooms are consumed orally. Users can dry the mushrooms before taking them, or can choose to consume them fresh. The bitter, unpleasant taste of magic mushrooms leads most users to cook them into food or brew them into a tea. Cooking psilocybin doesn’t destroy it, so the effects are still felt as strongly as if they were eaten fresh. The mushrooms have to be digested before they start to take effect, so it can take between half an hour and two hours for users to notice any changes. This can sometimes lead to unnecessary repeated doses in one sitting.

The effects of magic mushrooms are somewhat similar to those of LSD, but not as intense. The user will have an altered perception of sounds, colours and objects around them, and may feel like time is moving very slowly or quickly. These effects are caused by the drug’s impact on the serotonin system, which governs things like muscle control, sensory perception, mood, hunger and body temperature. Depending on the intensity of the hallucinations, users can have difficulty separating fantasy from reality.

If the user has a “good trip” they will feel giggly, confident and very positive, but magic mushrooms, like all hallucinogens, can also cause “bad trips.” These make the user feel scared, confused and fragile. Being in a negative mood when taking magic mushrooms is likely to cause a bad trip, and even minor concerns can become amplified under their influence. Drug rehab centres don’t usually have to deal with bad trips, but they can provide safe and supportive surroundings to help users come through it. They can also supply benzodiazepines in most drug rehab facilities, to relieve severe anxiety.

Any underlying psychological issues can be awakened by magic mushrooms. In the same way as they accentuate mood, psychoses can also be activated or intensified by the drug. There is no evidence of magic mushrooms “causing” mental illness, but people with a history of psychological issues should avoid them. Taking hallucinogenic drugs is like opening Pandora’s Box, you don’t know what is going to be inside, and you might not be able to go back after it’s been opened. Drug rehab centres usually provide counselling if mushrooms have worsened or triggered a problem.

An additional risk with magic mushrooms is the possibility of picking the wrong ones. The “death cap,” for example, is very similar in appearance to the fly agaric, and its name requires no explanation. There are dangerous lookalikes for psilocybe mushrooms (such as liberty caps) too, so picking any from the wild carries serious risks. The rule should always be: if you aren’t absolutely certain, don’t take it. Taking the person to the emergency room of a hospital with a sample of the mushrooms is the best course of action if you suspect they’ve ingested poisonous mushrooms. Your local drug rehab centre might not have the required equipment, and it’s an emergency situation.

Magic mushrooms don’t carry any physical risks, and aren’t physically addictive. If they’re taken frequently, the user can become psychologically dependent on their effects, and counselling is offered in drug rehab centres to help them get clean. If you or a loved one is having trouble with magic mushrooms, we can give you advice on the different drug rehab centres available and suggest the best course of treatment. This service is absolutely free, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you!

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