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Alcohol Rehab Carmarthen

Both of the centres for alcohol rehab in Carmarthenshire are located in Carmarthen, and it’s important to learn a little about each before you make your decision. The more you learn about alcoholism itself and the different approaches to treating addiction the easier the decision will become. You need an understanding of your requirements to ensure you get the right treatments, and the therapeutic models to understand the philosophies underpinning the services. If you’ll only need counselling, we can help you over the phone for a small fee.

Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

One of the options for alcohol rehab in Carmarthen is a centre specialising in offering general advice and information to drinkers. They can help drinkers of any age, and their family members or loved ones are also welcome. Although they provide general support, it doesn’t address underlying issues in as much depth as structured counselling.

The other centre which provides alcohol rehab in Carmarthen is a more comprehensive service which uses the harm reduction approach. Instead of assuming abstinence is the goal of treatment, they work to make drinking as safe as possible until the individual decides to drink less or abstain entirely. Counselling is available, as well as structured day programmes which use a variety of therapeutic activities to help drinkers. The centre can also work with GPs to offer outpatient detoxification, and can help any drinkers having trouble with the criminal justice system. Anybody aged 16 or over can attend treatment.

The decision you have to make is extremely important. We have a detailed knowledge of the different options for alcohol rehab in Carmarthenshire (as well as across the country), and we can suggest the best centres for your circumstances. We’ll answer any questions you have about treatment, and we can explain the different therapeutic models to you. We don’t charge for our advice, so pick up the phone and see how we can help you!

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