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Drug Rehab Carmarthenshire

Learning about the different options available for drug rehab in Carmarthenshire helps you make the right decision regarding your own or your loved one’s treatment. Both of the centres in the area are located in Carmarthen, so you might have to travel for treatment. Make sure you have a good understanding of what you need in a centre before you make your choice. Different drugs place different requirements on rehabs, so this is extremely important. If the options for drug rehab in Carmarthenshire aren’t suitable for your needs, we offer telephone counselling, which removes travel costs, makes scheduling simpler and provides psychological support.

Drug Rehabilitation Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire

The two options for drug rehab in Carmarthen provide different services. One of the centres specialises in providing advice, and only offers help relating to drugs to under 18s and those currently in the criminal justice system. This advice can help people manage and reduce their use, but more formal counselling is likely to be needed in serious cases of addiction. The centre can also help the loved ones of drug users.

The other drug rehab in Carmarthen is a harm reduction centre. This means that instead of forcing users into change who don’t want it, they instead try to reduce the risks associated with drug use as much as possible. They encourage users to get clean when they are ready to, and offer structured counselling and day programmes to help them tackle their psychological issues. Outpatient detoxification can also be provided by this centre, which is when substitute or withdrawal management medications are prescribed with the help of a local GP.

If you’re having difficulty making the right choice for drug rehab in Carmarthenshire, we offer free advice to help you get the care you need. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres in the area and others in neighbouring regions, so we can make sure you get the right treatment for your specific circumstances. The decision you make is important, so having some professional help gives you or your loved one the best chance of getting clean and avoiding relapse. Our advice is completely free, so get in touch and see what we can do for you!

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