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Drug Detox Dumfries and Galloway

Only one centre provides treatments during drug detox in Dumfries and Galloway. This makes things more difficult for people who are looking for withdrawal management or substitute medicines in the county, and might mean you need to travel to a neighbouring region for treatment. Think about your requirements and consider whether the centre really provides the type of treatment you need. Inpatient detoxification is a superior service, but most users can be helped effectively on an outpatient basis. Psychological support is also essential when you’re looking for centres for drug detox in Dumfries and Galloway.

Inpatient & Ourpatient Drug Detox Clinics Dumfries, Dumfries and Galloway

The only drug detox clinic in Dumfries is a comprehensive service which offers both types of detoxification. They can work with a local GP to prescribe withdrawal management or substitute medicines for outpatient detoxification, or they can provide medically supervised inpatient detoxification – in which medicines are provided as and when required and there is round the clock support. Anybody over the age of 18 is welcome, including those who are pregnant, have co-existing mental health issues or who use multiple substances.

Psychological treatment is also provided by the drug detox in Dumfries, through structured counselling. This helps individuals identify the various factors which led to their addiction and work through any issues. Harm reduction services – which are designed to reduce the risks which arise with drug use – are also available at the centre.

Thankfully, the majority of substance abusers can receive help from the centre for drug detox in Dumfries and Galloway. However, if you or your loved one is under 18, or requires more intensive residential treatment, you should consider your options carefully. We have a thorough knowledge of the centres located across the country, and we can suggest the most suitable ones to you. We know you’re going through a difficult period, and we’re here to help. Pick up the phone and get in touch with us today for some free, confidential advice!

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