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Alcohol Detox Edinburgh

All of the options for alcohol detox in the City of Edinburgh region are located within Edinburgh itself, and there are plenty of options for treatment. Most drinkers will be able to find suitable support in the area, but it’s important that you choose a centre which offers the level of support you need during withdrawal. In the most extreme cases of alcohol addiction, medically supervised inpatient detoxification is required to ensure the indvidual withdraws safely.

Alcohol Detox in Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh

Numerous centres offer treatments during alcohol detox in Edinburgh, but they don’t all help any drinkers. One of the centres is a residential facility, but only women aged over 18 with children (or who are pregnant) can attend. They can provide inpatient detoxification in addition to their residential programme, and also have an aftercare service. Another residential facility in the area helps any drinkers aged 16 or over, and is a crisis unit. They provide inpatient detoxification and also have harm reduction facilities.

The two remaining options for alcohol detox in Edinburgh offer medical treatments through links with local GPs or through their own on-site. One of these services only helps drinkers aged 18 or over from the north east of the city. Aside from outpatient detoxification, they only provide general advice and information. The other centre in the area provides the same services to drinkers up to the age of 18, with the addition of structured counselling to address the psychological root causes of addiction.

The main issue with finding alcohol detox in the City of Edinburgh is that some of the centres have a specialised clientele, so most drinkers will only be eligible for treatment at one or two centres. If you’re having difficulty determining which of the centres is right for your own or your loved one’s needs, we offer free advice to help you find the treatment you need. Our staff members will answer any questions you have about treatment, and we’ll give you all of the information you need to make your decision. We do all this for no charge, so get in touch with us today and see how we can help you!

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