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Alcohol Rehab Fermanagh

There are only a few different centres which offer alcohol rehab in County Fermanagh, and these are all located in Enniskillen. Before you decide which centre is right for you or your loved one, you should have a basic understanding of your requirements and the different approaches to treating addiction. It’s worth considering options in neighbouring counties if none of the centres in the area match up to your requirements. You can also use a remote counselling service if you can’t find suitable alcohol rehab in County Fermanagh. We offer telephone counselling for a small fee, which is sufficient treatment in most cases of alcoholism.

Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment Programmes in Enniskillen, County Fermanagh

There are three different options available for alcohol rehab in Enniskillen, but only one of them provides medical assistance during withdrawal. One of the services operates across the county, but is mainly centred in Enniskillen. They use group counselling as the main form of treatment, and employ the 12 step approach. This basically states that addiction is like any other disease, and that the individual is powerless to control it. They accept relapse as a part of recovery, and use a spiritual programme to help individuals remove their reliance on alcohol. Although the programme is operated by a religious group, nobody is required to make any commitments to attend treatment.

The other two centres which offer alcohol rehab in Enniskillen are dedicated counselling services. Counselling is designed to address the deep-seated issues which drive the individual to drink and teach them new and healthier ways to deal with their issues. This is required in all cases of addiction because it is a fundamentally psychological problem. One of the centres which specialises in counselling only helps over 18s, and has an aftercare programme after the intensive initial period of treatment has been completed. They use a wide range of interventions, from 12 step tools to cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectal behaviour therapy, and offer treatment on both a one to one and group basis. Withdrawal management medicines can also be prescribed through a local GP for outpatient detoxification.

The final counselling-based alcohol rehab in Enniskillen mainly uses the motivational interviewing approach to treatment. This is available to all young drinkers aged between 12 and 25 in the local area, and aims to increase their motivation to change their lives. Although they specialise in helping young people there are no age restrictions on treatment, and they also offer general advice and information relating to alcohol. Common associated problems such as stress and depression can also be addressed by the staff at this centre. There is a telephone helpline available during normal office hours for remote support.

There is only one centre which offers medical assistance during withdrawal in County Fermanagh, so your options are limited if you are likely to need it. If you’re struggling to find the right centre for your needs, we have a detailed knowledge of the different options across the country and we can help you find the right treatment. We’ll answer any questions you have about the different services on offer, and we’ll assist you with identifying your treatment needs. We know you’re going through a difficult time, and we’re here to help you. There is no charge for our advice, so pick up the phone and see what we can do for you!

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