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Drug Detox County Fermanagh, Ireland

There aren’t any centres which help during drug detox in County Fermanagh, but you can attend treatment in Omagh and Cookstown. The options may not be ideal, but the additional travel is worth it to find suitable support during detoxification. Heavier drug users will require inpatient treatment to safely detoxify, but most can get clean safely with medicines prescribed through a GP on an outpatient basis. You should always look for psychological treatment as part of your detoxification, because addiction is ultimately a mental health issue.

Drug Detox in Cookstown, County Tyrone

There is only one option for drug detox in Cookstown, but it provides multi-faceted treatments which address both the psychological and physical elements of addiction. There are group and individual counselling sessions on offer to help users identify the underlying issues which contribute to the issue, and day programmes use extra activities for a more complete package of treatment. Outpatient and inpatient detoxification are available, so any required medicines can be offered through GP prescriptions or administered on-site. Only over 18s are welcome to treatment at this centre.

Drug Detox in Omagh, County Tyrone

If you’re looking for drug detox in Omagh, anybody aged 18 or over has a dedicated option for medical treatment during withdrawal. Inpatient detoxification is available at the centre, which is supervised 24 hours a day by medical staff. Substitute medicines are available on an outpatient basis for opiate users.

Although there are no centres which provide drug detox in County Fermanagh, there are suitable options located close by. If you’re unsure which centre is the best option for your needs and would like more information about your options, we’re here to help you. We’re experts in drug rehabilitation and detoxification, and can suggest the various options available to you. We’ll also help you determine you requirements to ensure you get the right treatment. Get in touch with us today for some free, confidential advice!

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