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Drug Detox Lincolnshire

p>Different centres providing treatment during drug detox in Lincolnshire can be found in Lincoln, Grantham and Boston. It’s important to learn a little about each one before you decide which centre is right for yourself or your loved one to ensure that the services provided match your requirements. Generally speaking, inpatient detoxification with round the clock medical supervision is only really required in severe cases or if outpatient treatment has failed before.

Drug Detox in Boston, Lincolnshire

The only centre offering services during drug detox in Boston is a harm reduction centre, which can arrange outpatient detoxification. Withdrawal management or substitute medications are provided through a local GP and counselling is available to tackle the psychological elements of addiction. There are also structured day programmes on offer, which combine counselling with other activities to help people get clean. Users of any age are welcome at the centre for drug detox in Boston.

Drug Detox in Grantham, Lincolnshire

The drug detox in Grantham is actually another branch of the centre in Boston, providing the same services with no age restrictions.

Drug Detox in Lincoln, Lincolnshire

The same group which provides the facilities in Grantham and Boston have a specialist young persons’ centre in Lincoln. They still offer harm reduction services and structured counselling, but don’t have day programmes. The only option for drug detox in Lincoln is available to under 19s, so adults will have to travel to Boston or Grantham for treatment.

Unfortunately, only outpatient detoxification is available in the county, so anybody requiring more intensive care may have to travel to a neighbouring county. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different centres all across the country, and we can suggest the best options for your circumstances. We’ll help you determine your requirements and will answer any questions you have about treatment. Our advice is completely free, so pick up the phone and see how we can help you!

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