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Drug Rehab Lincolnshire

Choosing the right drug rehab in Lincolnshire requires knowledge of the different services in the area and their suitability for specific individuals. Drug treatment centres offer varying services and can employ a wide range of therapeutic models. It’s important to understand your needs and which model is most suited to yourself or your loved one when you’re choosing a programme for drug rehabilitation in Lincolnshire. Centres can be found in Lincoln, Boston, Grantham and Grimsby.

Drug Rehabilitation Grantham, Lincolnshire

There is only one centre offering drug rehab in Grantham. They provide a wide range of services – including advice, structured counselling and structured day programmes – to people of any age living in the local area. The centre has a harm reduction service, and can work with GPs to prescribe substitutes or withdrawal management medications within the community. They also have aftercare to help users reintegrate into society and avoid relapse, and can help with the criminal justice system.

Drug Services Lincoln, Lincolnshire

There are two different centres available for drug rehabilitation in Lincoln. These both cover the entire county of Lincolnshire but operate out of Lincoln. One offers open access treatment and has a specialist service for under 19s. They provide advice, structured counselling and day programmes, as well as aftercare and help with criminal justice. The centre also offers harm reduction services such as needle exchange, designed to reduce the risks associated with drug use.

The other drug treatment centre in Lincoln is specifically for under 19s. They provide a multitude of services, such as structured counselling, community prescribing and harm reduction services. They assess each clients’ needs, and can arrange residential rehabilitation if required. This Lincoln drug rehab can also help clients with the criminal justice system. You don’t need a specialist referral to attend.

Drug Counselling Grimsby, Lincolnshire

One of the two options for drug rehab in Grimsby is specifically for under 19s. It works on harm reduction principles, offering needle exchange, testing and immunisation for blood borne viruses and complementary therapies such as Reiki. They can help their patients with the criminal justice system, and offer structured counselling and day programmes. They also offer general advice, aftercare and can help friends and families of drug users.

The other drug treatment centre in Grimsby offers help to over 18s through several different services and by offering advice. The centre has harm reduction services, and can help drug users or their loved ones through addiction. The majority of treatment is conducted through other agencies, such as specific young persons’ services, professional drug and alcohol workers and youth offenders’ teams.

Drug Treatment Boston, Lincolnshire

There is only one option for drug rehab in Boston, and it provides a wealth of treatments to people of any age and gender. It offers advice, structured counselling and structured day programmes to help users get clean, and can also deal with the criminal justice system. They work with GPs to offer community prescribing of substitutes or withdrawal management medications. As well as this, they provide complementary therapies such as acupuncture and also have harm reduction services. The centre is open access on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and has a special session for complementary therapies on Mondays.

If you’re struggling to choose between the various options for drug rehab in Lincolnshire, we offer free advice to help you make the right decision. Each centre has different approaches to addiction, although the majority of options in Lincolnshire use harm reduction principles. We can explain these approaches to you in plain English and guide you to the correct decision. Don’t suffer through this alone; pick up the phone and get in touch with us for some free help.

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