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Alcohol Detox North London

There are treatment options located in Haringey and Waltham Forest for anybody looking for support during alcohol detox in North London. You should learn about the risks associated with alcohol and try to determine you or your loved one’s treatment requirements before you make your decision. Most drinkers can get sober safely with medications provided on an outpatient basis, but in some cases more intensive inpatient treatment may be required.

Alcohol Detox in Haringey, North London

Two different centres offer support during alcohol detox in Haringey, but they both only provide medicines on an outpatient basis. The centres serve different clientele – with one for under 18s and one for older drinkers – but provide very similar treatments. The young person’s centre also provides harm reduction services, structured counselling and complementary therapies. Harm reduction is dedicated to reducing the risks of drinking without forcing abstinence on those who don’t want it. The over 18s centre offers the same treatments, but with one to one keyworking in place of counselling.

Alcohol Detox in Waltham Forest, North London

Another two centres are available for medically-assisted alcohol detox in Waltham Forest. Both of them work under harm reduction principles, and can provide outpatient detoxification. One of the centres only provides individual keyworking to help with the psychological elements of addiction, but the other has group sessions and one to one counselling. The counselling centre only helps drinkers aged over 18, but the other helps individuals as young as 16.

Although there are several options for treatment during alcohol detox in North London, the centres only provide support on an outpatient basis. If you or your loved one is likely to need supervised inpatient treatment, we can suggest alternatives for you in other areas of London or further afield. We’re experts in alcohol detoxification, and we’re dedicated to finding you the support you need. Our advice comes with no charge, and you’re under no obligations. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you!

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