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Drug Detox North London

If you or your loved one is addicted to drugs and needs treatment during drug detox in North London, there are centres available in Barnet, Waltham Forest and Haringey. It’s important to learn the different services offered by each, both to ensure there is also psychological support on offer and to guarantee that you’ll get the level of care you need during withdrawal.

Drug Detox in Haringey, North London

Two different centres provide outpatient treatment for drug detox in Haringey. They work with GPs to offer substitute or withdrawal management medicines in the local community. Both centres also work under harm reduction principles, meaning that they offer services such as needle exchange designed to reduce the risks associated with drug use. One of the centres is dedicated to young people, and also offers counselling and complementary therapies. The other helps over 18s, and also provides help with the criminal justice system and aftercare.

Drug Detox in Waltham Forest, North London

Another two centres are available which offer outpatient drug detox in Waltham Forest. A harm reduction centre for over 18s also provides counselling, and has complementary therapies such as acupuncture. The final centre in the area also operates under harm reduction principles, with a focus on hepatitis B vaccinations. They have group sessions for stimulant users, and one to one counselling.

Drug Detox in Barnet, North London

There are two options for drug detox in Barnet. One of these is a centre specialising in helping under 18s, which provides outpatient detoxification alongside counselling and structured day programmes. The other centre helps over 18s, and provides residential treatment, counselling, harm reduction services and outpatient detoxification.

It’s vital to receive adequate care from the centre you choose for drug detox in North London. Counselling is absolutely required, and you might need inpatient detoxification if your case is severe. We can help to determine your requirements, and will suggest the best treatment options to you. We’re experts in drug rehabilitation and detoxification centres all across London, and we’ll ensure you get the care you need. Get in touch with us today for some free, confidential advice.

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