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Drug Rehab North Yorkshire

Learning about the different centres available is useful when you’re trying to make a decision regarding a specific drug rehab in North Yorkshire. There are facilities located in Northallerton, Scarborough, Skipton and York, each offering different treatments and services. You should have a general understanding of what you or your loved one need in a centre before you make your choice. Finding out about the different models of addiction is also useful when you’re choosing a drug rehab in North Yorkshire.

Drug Rehabilitation Northallerton, North Yorkshire

There are two different centres offering drug rehab in Northallerton. One of the centres specialises in opiate and alcohol addiction, and can help users of any age overcome addiction. They have a single bed on site for inpatient detoxification, and they also liaise with GPs in order to prescribe medication or substitutes during withdrawal on an outpatient basis. The centre also provides structured counselling, which helps users tackle the issues which drove them to drug abuse in the first place. Good counselling is essential if you want to avoid relapse, and the centre also offers aftercare to ensure a smooth transition into sober life.

The other drug rehab in Northallerton provides services to a much wider client base. They take patients addicted to any drug, and also offer help to their loved ones. They have a daily drop-in service, group support, art classes and community skills classes available. The centre also provides harm reduction services and help with the criminal justice system. Users can also receive structured counselling and are provided with aftercare as required. The service is also offered on a drop-in basis in Richmond and Colburn.

Drug Counselling Scarborough, North Yorkshire

There are three different options for drug rehab in Scarborough. One of the centres is fully residential, and offers treatments based on the 12 step programme, cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing. Therapy is offered on a one-to-one basis by qualified counsellors. The staff members at the centre have all been through addiction themselves, so they are on hand to offer experience-driven support 24 hours a day.

Another drug treatment facility in Scarborough focuses primarily on harm reduction, offering services like needle exchange to reduce the harms associated with continued drug use. The centre offers advice, structured counselling, aftercare and help with the criminal justice system, but other services can be provided through their links with other agencies. The last drug rehab in Scarborough is mainly a substitute prescription service, which works with GPs to provide gradual detoxification. They also have a structured day programme and offer help with criminal justice.

Drug Treatment Skipton, North Yorkshire

There is only one drug rehab in Skipton. It provides information, advice, support, counselling and day programmes to help anybody struggling with drug abuse. They help patients of any age, and also offer services to loved ones of users. They can help with the criminal justice system, and provide aftercare to prevent withdrawal. Appointments are also available in Grassington, Ingleton, Settle and Bentham.

Drug Services York, North Yorkshire

The only drug rehab in York offers mainly advice-based and aftercare services to people recovering from drug addiction. They have links with local employers, training providers, voluntary organisations, other drug services and educators, aiming to help drug users re-enter the world of work. Their service is available to anybody aged over 16.

If you’re struggling to make a decision regarding drug rehab in North Yorkshire, we provide free advice to guide you to the right facility. Making the correct decision is important if you want the treatment to be successful, and without help the process is much more difficult. We have a thorough understanding of the treatments offered by different facilities, and can explain the options to you in plain English. Our service is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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