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Alcohol Detox Northumberland

The only option for treatment during alcohol detox in Northumberland is a centre located in Morpeth. Unfortunately, this centre primarily serves young people, and as such does not offer support to the majority of drinkers. There is an option located in Newton Aycliffe which can provide treatment, so it’s worth considering travelling further to receive the right care. You shouldn’t go through alcohol detox without both physical and psychological support, although in less severe cases only minimal medical assistance is required.

Alcohol Detox in Morpeth, Northumberland

Only under 18s can receive treatment during alcohol detox in Morpeth. The centre offers harm reduction services (which are designed to minimise the risks associated with drinking) as well as solution focused therapy and general advice or information. Detoxification is offered on an outpatient basis with the help of a local GP. They conduct full needs assessments and also conduct motivational work.

Alcohol Detox in Newton Aycliffe, Durham

The option for alcohol detox in Newton Aycliffe is a comprehensive service which helps drinkers aged over 18. They can offer either inpatient or outpatient detoxification, and residential treatment is available. They use counselling and day programmes for psychological support, and harm reduction services are also provided.

Despite the issues with the only centre which offers support during alcohol detox in Northumberland, there are options in neighbouring counties which provide suitable treatment. The Newton Aycliffe centre offers a wide range of treatments, and we can give you information about additional options if you prefer. We have a detailed knowledge of the options for treatment located all across the country, and we offer free advice to help you get the treatment you need. The decision you’re about to make is extremely important, so get in touch with us today for some professional advice!

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