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Drug Detox Northumberland

Morpeth is the only place where you can receive treatment during drug detox in Northumberland. There is only one centre in the area which provides medical treatment during withdrawal, so if it isn’t suitable for you or your loved one’s requirements you should consider other possibilities. There could be better options in neighbouring counties, so think carefully before you make your decision. You should also ensure that psychological treatment is provided by the centre you choose.

Drug Detox in Morpeth, Northumberland

The centre for drug detox in Morpeth is a specialist service for anybody aged under 18. They work on an outreach basis so everybody feels comfortable in their surroundings, and offer a wide range of interventions. Treatment always starts with a needs assessment, and a clinical assessment will also be conducted to determine the medical treatments required. Substitute or withdrawal management medicines will be prescribed as needed, and harm reduction services are also available. Harm reduction services focus on reducing the risks associated with drug use as much as possible.

Psychological support is also offered by the drug detox in Morpeth. They provide counselling using the solution focused therapy model, and also have a focus on relapse prevention. Alternative therapies, general advice and information related to drugs and alcohol are also on offer.

Any adults looking for treatment during drug detox in Northumberland may have to travel further afield for treatment. In many cases, medication won’t be required during withdrawal, so understanding your needs is important. We’ll help you work out which treatments you need and suggest centres that suit your circumstances. This service is completely free, so pick up the phone and get in touch with us! We’re here to help.

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