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Alcohol Rehab Perth and Kinross

All of the centres which offer alcohol rehab in Perth and Kinross are located in Perth. There are only two centres in total, so drinkers don’t have many options. If you or your loved one isn’t suitable to attend rehab at either centre – whether as a result of their treatment requirements or a centre’s specialised clientele – you should consider travelling further for the right care. If you won’t need medical assistance with withdrawal, we do offer telephone counselling for a small fee.

Alcohol Treatment Centres in Perth, Perth and Kinross

There are two different centres which offer alcohol rehab in Perth. One of these is a specialist service dedicated to helping young drinkers aged between 12 and 18. They only offer psychological assistance, but their service is completely client-led, so they ensure every individual gets the help they need. Structured counselling is available through both group work and one to one sessions, which helps drinkers identify the underlying causes of addiction. They also have structured day programmes on offer, which combine counselling with additional activities for a more multi-faceted approach to rehabilitation. Aftercare is available for any drinkers who’ve already been through treatment.

The last option for alcohol rehab in Perth is a counselling centre which helps drinkers of any age, although they do focus on vulnerable groups such as gypsy travellers and homeless people. The service is operated by a nurse, and structured counselling is the main treatment they provide. They offer general advice and information related to alcohol and can help any drinkers having trouble with the criminal justice system. This centre also provides aftercare.

The main issue with finding suitable alcohol rehab in Perth and Kinross is that neither of the centres offer medical help for withdrawal, and they both focus on specific groups (although they will consider helping others). If you’re struggling find the right centre we can help you make the right decision. We have a detailed knowledge of the options available across the country, so we can suggest alternative courses of action to you as required. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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