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Drug Rehab Perth and Kinross

Learning about the different options available to you is an important step towards finding the right drug rehab in Perth and Kinross. There are only facilities located in Perth, so you might have to travel for treatment. You should learn about the specific drug you or your loved one is abusing before you choose a centre, because each drug carries different treatment requirements. It can also help to learn about the different therapeutic models employed when you choose a drug rehab in Perth and Kinross. If you can’t travel, we do offer telephone counselling, which is suitable for users who won’t undergo serious physical withdrawal.

Drug Rehablitation Perth, Perth and Kinross

There are two facilities for drug rehab in Perth. One of these centres provides healthcare to gypsy travellers, homeless people, and anybody else who is vulnerable. They can refer users to other centres as required, and generally treat through one-to-one counselling. The centre can also help users with the criminal justice system, give general advice and provide aftercare to help them reintegrate into society.

The other drug rehab in Perth is dedicated to helping young people (aged between 12 and 18), and provides largely psychological help. Individuals are allowed input into their own care, and they use both one to one and group counselling sessions to help users tackle the issues which open the door for addiction. They also help the friends and families of users with advice and counselling, and offer aftercare. The centre will consider taking older users in extreme cases.

If you’re having trouble choosing a specific centre for drug rehabilitation in Perth and Kinross, we provide free advice to help you make the right decision. The choice you make is important because some centres aren’t suitable for all users, so professional guidance can help you ensure you get the right care. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres in the area – and across the country – and can suggest the best options for you needs. Don’t struggle through this alone; pick up the phone and get some free help!

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