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Drug Rehab Scottish Borders

Finding out about the different options for drug rehab Scottish Borders is important if you or a loved one is looking for treatment in the area. There are facilities located in Galashiels and West Linton, with the majority found in Galashiels. You should learn about your specific requirements and find out a bit about the different therapeutic models to help you make the right choice. It’s important to ensure that you or your loved one will get the treatments they need to ensure safety and make relapse less likely.

Drug Rehab Clinics Galashiels, Scottish Borders

There are two different centres offering drug rehab in Galashiels, but three different services. One of the centres provides detoxification services on either an inpatient or outpatient basis. Inpatient detoxification is supervised by medical staff, who are on hand to monitor progress and administer medication as required. Outpatient detoxification is when the necessary medications are provided with the help of a local GP. They also offer counselling and provide specialist psychiatric assessments to tackle the underlying issues contributing to the individual’s addiction.

The other centre for drug rehabilitation in Galashiels is primarily dedicated to counselling. They have a special project for 11 to 16 year old users, and anybody older is still eligible for counselling. The centre also provides advice and information on drugs, and can help users with the criminal justice system. They open from 9am until 4pm Monday to Friday, and have a 24-hour answerphone service.

The young person’s project offered by the second centre mainly aims to reduce the prevalence of substance abuse amongst young people. They provide a range of interventions to addicts, and help them reduce their usage of drugs. The centre is especially concerned with keeping young people in education, and helps to prevent exclusion from school and to get users back into education. They work to curb risk behaviours and also promote alternative lifestyle choices to help keep them off drugs.

Drug Counselling West Linton, Scottish Borders

The only drug rehab in West Linton is a primarily residential facility. They offer 24-hour support and a positive atmosphere to help users overcome addiction and transition into a more stable, sober life. They also have facilities for inpatient detoxification at this centre, and can help users with the criminal justice system. Anybody aged 16 or over is welcome, and you don’t need a special referral to attend. After they’ve helped users get clean with the residential programme, aftercare is also offered to ensure a smooth reintegration into society without relapse.

If you’re struggling to make a decision regarding drug rehab in the Scottish Borders, we provide free advice to help you make the right choice. We have a detailed knowledge of all the facilities in the area and can suggest the best options for your specific circumstances. We can explain the different therapeutic models and services to you in plain terms, and answer any other questions you might have about treatment. We know you’re going through a difficult time, and we’re here to help you. Pick up the phone for some free professional guidance.

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