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Alcohol Detox Somerset

Centres in Bristol, Wrington, Wells and Weston-super-Mare provide services during alcohol detox in Somerset. You should think carefully about the different options before you make your decision, because not every centre has sufficient treatment for all drinkers. For example, in more severe cases there is a risk of delirium tremens, a particularly dangerous form of withdrawal which requires supervised medical treatment at an inpatient detoxification facility. In any case of addiction, psychological support is required to identify the underlying issues which lead to the problem.

Alcohol Detox in Bristol, Somerset

A residential rehab offers treatments during alcohol detox in Bristol. They primarily treat through structured counselling and day programmes (which also include therapeutic activities), and aftercare is provided for a year following discharge. Detoxification is provided on an inpatient basis, and only over 18s can attend.

Alcohol Detox in Wrington, Somerset

There is only one centre for alcohol detox in Wrington, and it offers residential treatment and inpatient detoxification to users aged over 18. Counselling is the central service provided, and makes up the core of the residential programme.

Alcohol Detox in Wells, Somerset

The centre which helps during alcohol detox in Somerset specialises in helping drinkers aged 18 or under. They have structured counselling, outpatient detoxification and harm reduction services available.

Alcohol Detox in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset

Both centres which offer treatment during alcohol detox in Weston-super-Mare are residential facilities that can supervise detoxification on an inpatient basis. They both use the 12 Step model of treatment, and offer detoxification as part of their residential programmes. One of the centres helps users aged 16 or over, and the other helps over 18s.

If you need any more information about the centres which offer medical treatment during alcohol detox in Somerset, get in touch with us for some free advice! We’re experts in alcohol rehabilitation, and we’ll ensure you find the treatment you need. We can help you determine your requirements, and will answer any questions you may have. The decision you have to make isn’t easy, and getting the right support gives yourself or your loved one the best chance of staying sober. Get in touch with us today for some professional, friendly advice!

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