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Drug Detox Somerset

There are numerous centres which offer help during drug detox in Somerset, located in Wrington, Wells and Weston Super Mare, along with one in Bristol. Finding out about the different possibilities for treatment in the local area gives you the best chance of getting the care you need. If you or your loved one has tried and failed to get clean before or is a particularly heavy user, medically supervised inpatient treatment might be required during withdrawal.

Drug Detox in Bristol, Somerset

A residential centre offers inpatient drug detox in Bristol. They help any users aged 18 or over, and incorporate both one to one and group counselling into their treatment. You can attend treatment on a fully residential basis, or go through inpatient detoxification and then receive psychological support through a day programme.

Drug Detox in Wrington, Somerset

There is also a residential facility which offers inpatient drug detox in Wrington. This centre takes on virtually anybody over the age of 18, including offenders and people with dual diagnoses. Counselling is the main treatment they provide.

Drug Detox in Wells, Somerset

The only drug detox in Wells is a specialist service for young people aged 18 or under. They provide detoxification on an outpatient basis and have harm reduction facilities. Structured counselling helps to identify the underlying causes of the problem, and general advice is provided for day-to-day issues.

Drug Detox in Weston Super Mare, Somerset

Two different centres have medical support for people going through drug detox in Weston Super Mare. One of these uses treatment based on the 12 Step programme, but offers inpatient detoxification supervised by a team of doctors. Counselling and support staff are available 24 hours a day at this residential centre. The other centre is very similar, using the same model of treatment and being a residential facility. The only difference is that the former centre helps anybody aged 16 or over, and the latter sticks to over 18s.

If you or your loved one is looking for help during drug detox in Somerset, we can help you find the support you need. We have a comprehensive knowledge of the different options located across the county, and we can give you more information about each centre to help you make a decision. We’ll give you an idea of your requirements and suggest the most suitable options to you. Our advice is completely free, so don’t hesitate to get in tou

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