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Drug Rehab Suffolk

Finding a bit out about the different centres available for drug rehab in Suffolk can help you determine which one is right for you or your loved one’s needs. There are facilities available in Bury St. Edmonds, Ipswich and Lowestoft, each offering specific treatments and employing their preferred therapeutic models. It can help to learn about the different therapeutic models and your specific requirements when you’re choosing a drug rehab in Suffolk.

Drug Rehab Clinics Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk

There are two different centres offering drug rehab in Bury St. Edmonds. One of these offers structured day programmes to people of any age. The programme incorporates one to one structured counselling and special support groups for families and youth users. It lasts for ten weeks, and patients have to be detoxified before they begin treatment. The centre operates a pre-treatment group to help patients prepare for rehabilitation.

The other drug treatment facility in Bury St. Edmonds is a more comprehensive service for anybody over the age of 16. They start treatment with a needs assessment to ensure each individual receives the right care. Eligible patients are referred to inpatient detoxification, residential rehabs and day programmes. The centre provides individual structured counselling, harm reduction services and community prescribing. Harm reduction services include things like needle exchanges, and community prescribing is where substitute or withdrawal management medications are prescribed with the help of a local GP.

Drug Rehabilitation Ipswich, Suffolk

There are three possibilities for drug treatment in Ipswich. The most all-encompassing of all of these provides most rehabilitation services to anybody, regardless of age or gender. It could be broadly classified as a harm reduction centre, because they are concerned with reducing the risks associated with drug use, particularly the transmission of blood borne viruses. However, the centre offers many treatments, such as structured counselling, residential rehab, day programmes, aftercare, outpatient detoxification, advice and help with the criminal justice system; providing a comprehensive service.

Another drug rehab in Ipswich works on holistic principles; believing that physical, psychological and socio-economic factors need to be taken into account to help people through addiction. They offer treatments such as individual or group counselling, relapse prevention, relaxation techniques, complementary therapies, education, training and art therapy. They also have harm reduction facilities and can help with the criminal justice system. This centre only takes patients over the age of 18.

The last facility is non-clinical, meaning that advice, counselling and aftercare are the only services they offer. You don’t need a specialist referral to attend this drug rehab in Ipswich, and they can arrange home visits for people with physical disabilities. Counselling is the primary treatment offered, and there are special sessions for couples, one to one sessions and support groups available. They also have drop-in coffee mornings and afternoon teas.

Drug Rehab Programmes Lowestoft, Suffolk

There is only one drug rehab in Lowestoft, and it offers both physical and psychological treatments to drug users over the age of 18 and their loved ones. They conduct a thorough needs assessment for each patient and can make referrals to residential centres if required. The centre works with GPs to prescribe substitute or withdrawal management medicines in a convenient location. Harm reduction services like blood-borne virus testing and needle exchange are also available. Counselling can be offered on a one to one or group basis, and there is a special service available for women. The drug treatment centre in Lowestoft also provides aftercare to help patients reintegrate into society without relapse.

If you’re struggling to choose a drug rehab in Suffolk we can help you make the right decision. We have a detailed knowledge of all of the services available in the area, and can suggest the best options for your specific situation. Different treatments are required depending on the drug being abused and some therapeutic methods aren’t suited to some individuals. We can explain everything to you in plain English and answer any questions you might have. Our service is completely free, so get in touch and see what we can do for you.

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