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Alcohol Detox West London

Centres which offer treatments during alcohol detox in West London are located in Ealing, Harrow and Hillingdon. If none of the centres in the area are suitable for your needs, you should think about additional options located in other areas of London. Finding treatment that addresses your needs is much more important than finding a centre located close to you. Outpatient treatment – where any required medicines are offered with the help of a local GP – is suitable for most drinkers, but in the most extreme cases supervised inpatient treatment may be required.

Alcohol Detox Ealing, West London

The only option for alcohol detox in Ealing is a specialist detoxification centre, which provides inpatient treatment to drinkers aged 16 or over. Psychological support is provided through group sessions which address things like relapse prevention, and special sessions teach relaxation techniques.

Alcohol Detox Harrow, West London

Both inpatient and outpatient treatment are available at the centre for alcohol detox in Harrow. Structured counselling helps drinkers identify the underlying causes of their addiction, and harm reduction facilities minimise the risks for anybody who doesn’t want to completely abstain from drinking. Residential treatment is available, and drinkers of any age are welcome.

Alcohol Detox Hillingdon, West London

A young person’s service can offer outpatient treatment during alcohol detox in Hillingdon, and they help any drinkers aged under 21. Counselling is the main treatment provided, and aftercare is available to help recovering alcoholics settle back into their ordinary life.

Most drinkers will be able to find suitable treatment during alcohol detox in West London, as the centre in Harrow is a comprehensive service. If you’re unsure which centre is right for your needs, or need more information before you make your choice, get in touch with us today! We’re experts in alcohol detoxification, and we can help you find the treatment you need. Our advice is completely free, and you’re under no obligation to use any particular centre. We’re just here to help.

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