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Drug Detox West London

Centres offering treatment during drug detox in West London can be found in Harrow, Ealing and Hillingdon. Depending on the severity of you or your loved one’s addiction, whether relapse has been an issue in the past and the specific drug in question, you might require inpatient detox treatment. In outpatient treatment, medications are offered with the help of a local GP, but inpatients are supervised 24/7 and treatment is administered as needed.

Drug Detox in Harrow, West London

If you’re looking for help through drug detox in Harrow, there is only one centre available. They can provide care on a residential basis, and they mainly treat through structured counselling. Harm reduction facilities are on offer, as well as both inpatient and outpatient detoxification. There are no age restrictions on treatment at this centre.

Drug Detox in Ealing, West London

There is only one option for drug detox in Ealing, and it’s a centre which specialises in inpatient treatment. Referral is required to attend this centre, and anybody over the age of 16 is eligible for treatment. Additional groups are provided on relapse prevention and life skills.

Drug Detox in Hillingdon, West London

The only centre which helps during drug detox in Hillingdon focuses on young users aged under 21, and they primarily offer structured counselling and harm reduction services such as needle exchange. Outpatient detoxification is provided with the help of a local GP.

There are only a few centres for drug detox in West London, but both main forms of detoxification are provided. This means that the majority of users can find suitable treatment in the area. If you want any more information about any of the centres or are confused as to the best option for your needs, we can help you make the right choice. We have a detailed knowledge of the different centres in the local area, and we’ll answer any questions you have about treatment. This service is completely free, so pick up the phone and get in touch with us today! We’re here to help.

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